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Worlds Largest Natural Afro: Aevin Dugas (Guinness World Record)


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  1. @Myrlourah Well, that is your aesthetic opinion. Everyone has a different favorite color, ice cream flavor….etc….That’s just life. You may not like her hair choices but she does. She is not here to decorate your world. So if you don’t like, just don’t look at it. Go to a different video.

  2. @MusicalVickyGirl1902 that’s the problem with you people you expect everybody to agree with everything you said and not allowed to have opinion. I’m not here to judge anybody, i was just giving my opinion. period. get a freaking grip people. its really not that serious.

  3. @Msbea345 I SAID THAT BECAUSE YOU hear how she was explaining that her hair got in her way sometimes maybe with the fro, now i understand. some crazy here try to take it personal. I wish my hair was that long, except I don’t know if i could wear it out like she does.

  4. I have found my goal in life….to beat this woman’s record! I must summon the essence of Don Cornelius, all 5 of the Jackson 5, and one of the members of Grand Funk Railroad. Where’s my afro pick and afro sheen at??

  5. @TrOmerGunal It’s less common for Black people to get lice. I’ve never seen a Black person get lice– though it is possible ONLY if we don’t take care of our hair! 🙂

  6. Be my guest, you talk about their hair as if it is a top secret thing and that you know and we don’t.

    Go watch some wig videos here and see what you don’t know about their hair!

  7. i dont have to watch any videos. Her hair is my hair and it the same as my brother,mother, sister and the rest of my family. kinky hiair is not rough. it actually fluffy like cotton . and referring to her hair as pubic hair is jus ignorant but we all ihiave our beliefs. I could play devils advocate about so called dog hair but. im not playing your game . So back to first point, tdont speak on thing you clearly hqve no knoledge of. your opion is not welcomed!

  8. that was pretty offensive to be honest, still leaving off the false stereotype that there are more black men in prison than in college, and that we make up the greater percentage of prison inmates. But thats your ignorance and I wont take it too person. Have yourself a goodnight/good morning though sir

  9. LOL! Are you sure you’re not RedFoo from LMFAO, by any chance?! If you are- I love you!!! You’re the reason why I’m here!! Kiss meeeeee! <3

  10. i think that afrocentric hair is beautiful!! i too wish she had said so. She looks gorgeous and she has to know it!

  11. lol im not redfoo but every now and then people say I look a little like him o.O
    I pick my hair into a round fro he doesnt.

  12. So how do you make it into a round fro? Wouldn’t you have to cut it into that shape or can you shape it that way with a comb? Does your hair naturally grow into a round shape (I don’t know much about African hair)?

  13. I mainly pick it out.but to make it rounder and more neat I go to the barber to shape it up.not only backs can get fros,but also (jews and arabs) can get them too.just another fact is not all black peaple have really thick hair.theres also black people that have blonde straight wavey hair. their called melanesians.

  14. I heard that Melanesians are actually genetically most different from black people among all of the races… So white people are genetically more similar to black people than Melanesians are similar to black people.

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