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Thousands Of Swimmers Crowd In A Salty Swimming Pool In China


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  1. @mrcampbellsoupc not just piss, imagine all the anal secretions, vaginal secretions, and theres thousands in there so at least a few must have taken in shit in there. its just disgusting.

  2. i actually just came back from the alternative reality where the population was cut in half and i have to say, it was meh at best, so…

  3. you know they have alot of singers and idols and actors so so many fucking people but when it comes to the natrual world like in the ocean or desert there clueless
    i meen who needs a rubber ring if u are an adult >.< the water makes me wanna vomit, look at em splashing the water on eachother, there gonna be covered in eachothers piss. people get ill from this i found out. well no shit sherlock

  4. Uggggghhh imagine how it would smell .. like 10 sewages combined , ewww lol. Who else like needs their personal space like seriously?

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