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Scary HL2 Mod – Nightmare House 2 Walkthrough (HD) – Chapter 1 – Rebirth


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  1. I know how to ply this game without Steam u just must have HL2 EP2 and i can tell you how to do this :D(very easy)

  2. YOu can’t walk like an ‚effing zombie in this game! Everywhere you turn, there’s a mest up thing trying to eat your face!

  3. Not to ask for alot of work from you but can you please do some for commentory? If your embarrassed then its okay. Can you at least add annotations?

  4. I do commentary in my more recent videos. However, I haven’t done commentary on a full game playthrough yet. I probably will eventually though.

  5. Whenever i enter the room with the axe on that dead chef, his face is always cut off. He never wakes up no matter how much i don’t face him!

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