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Very Skilled Firefighters


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  1. @MrAndreaswoller There’s no such thing as an “iPhone 4G”, you stupid fuckin bastard. If you’re gonna spam, at least get the product right, you worthless scum.

  2. @SureFireWebDesign Okay now why is that bitch!? please tell me why i should be joking. Tell me what kinda experience you have in the fire service to make your opinion matter. Go ahead. Cus any real firefighter is gonna watch this and laugh and go down the list of all the reasons why these guys arent worth a damn

  3. that is fast…im not gonna hate but that was an aluminum ladder which is relatively lightweight….

    and with gear and a bottle they would pretty much be regular. i know guys who can ladder a building in about 15 seconds but again with gear and a bottle and a ladder on your shoulders you not movin that fast

  4. I wonder what their new time would be if they were in full-turnout gear and SCBA’s. – Retired Fire Captain R. Rangel Jr.

  5. I wonder what there time would be if they were in full turnout gear with scbas. They probably wouldn’t have been able to jump onto the truck like they did.

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