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Garden Spider VS Giant Wasp Part 1


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  1. Use the right tool for the right job. If your job is removing a huge fucking spider from your window without touching any part of it or it’s web, you shoot it with a BB gun. If it’s on your window, an Airsoft gun.

    I have done this before.

    I fucking hate spiders.

  2. Waitwaitwait. You let a spider that fucking big just chill on your window? And you have wasps that bury spiders that big in the floor? Well, now I dont want to move to America. Viva england and it’s pussy sized animals.

  3. i kinda feel bad for the wasp, i mean i hate them to death but to see something get captured and then die like that i mean, hes not gonna die for a while 😛 and he was struggling.

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