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Team Illuminate On Americas Got Talent


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  1. @Dekropttiv you think they would have loved it regardless of the song? Of course they loved the dance, but the dance is built around the song. Just as poor dancing would make this shit, so would a crappy song. They go hand in hand.

  2. @thesmuuuuggh I disagree. You and I know what it is. If you really think everyone knows what it is you must not get out much. It is FAR from mainstream, most people I know / interact with on a daily basis that aren’t my friends have no idea wtf dubstep is.

  3. @TheAcidHairball the fuck? An artist doesn’t determine the genre of the song. The characteristics of the track do. This isn’t drum and bass, drum and bass is much faster and has a constant, quick drum and cymbal pattern going. That’s like saying every Skrillex song is dubstep. Ignorant.

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  5. @WLotus no fighting gravity was on america’s got talent. im talking about some asian show. fighting gravity used black lights and bright colored materials to do their show. the group i am thinking of is just like iLuminate and im pretty sure iLuminate got the idea for THIS skit from the asian group im thinking of….

  6. @bakson88 да просто волшебно, аж слёзы катятся от такой красивой идеи. Млин!!! респект из Минска!!!

  7. กระแสเริ่มต้นมาจากภาพยนต์เรื่อง STEP UP 2 และก็มีวง Black eyed Peas ที่นำเอาไปแสดงคอนเสิรต์

  8. Fighting Gravity and Iluminate are both amazing acts, better than all the other acts i have ever seen on that show… yet I am still unhappy that fighting gravity didn’t win their season.

  9. :09-:021 what is the name of that song and what is it from? I know it’s from some video game, but I forgot what. For some reason it’s ringing as Final Fantasy?

  10. Holy mother of!!! I Everyone please vote for Team iLUMINATE on America’s Got Talent! They deserve to win, have a future headlining show in Las Vegas, and perform throughout the world! Their performance tonight (8-23-11) was simply brilliant, and worth way more than a million dollars!

  11. Click on my profile to see the NEXT Team Illuminate now in the semi finals on Americas Got Talent 2012. LIKE MY STATUS SO THIS CAN BE SEEN !!

  12. Это действительно пиздец))) У меня как привстал на 35 секунде, так я со стояком и просидел 20 минут))), Лучшее зрелище в моей жизни))) Еще и дабстеп ремикс на кети пери мой любимый)!!!! ААААААААААА

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