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Team Illuminate On Americas Got Talent


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  1. Это действительно пиздец))) У меня как привстал на 35 секунде, так я со стояком и просидел 20 минут))), Лучшее зрелище в моей жизни))) Еще и дабстеп ремикс на кети пери мой любимый)!!!! ААААААААААА

  2. Click on my profile to see the NEXT Team Illuminate now in the semi finals on Americas Got Talent 2012. LIKE MY STATUS SO THIS CAN BE SEEN !!

  3. Holy mother of!!! I Everyone please vote for Team iLUMINATE on America’s Got Talent! They deserve to win, have a future headlining show in Las Vegas, and perform throughout the world! Their performance tonight (8-23-11) was simply brilliant, and worth way more than a million dollars!

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