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Salvia Trip Almost gone Wrong – Guy Falls Out Of Window


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  1. hey whats up guys,im the one that jumped out tha window trust me it is a 2nd story u can hear me hit the ground and u see the camera shake to cuz the house is made of wood and connected to the stairs so it made the house shake.
    i will have a video up soon showing the house and the window just to shut the fkcu up some ppl.

  2. by the way salvia and marijuana are not drugs u guys should read some books or something they are plants not man made drugs like the ones sold over the counter so go pop some pills drugies

  3. @polyamorousboy you are an idiot. when you are tripping hard on slvia its pretty hard to stay still, therefore they didnt focus on the couch incase they started mving around the room.

  4. @TheZombieCreations You are wrong. A drug is not defined by being manmade. Most powerful drugs are just natural substances. A drug is just the definition of a substance ingested to produce some kind of effect. Not more not less.

  5. Jesus H. Christ

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder in my life

    Coupled with the description this shit is fucking funny JESUS OMG

    Our existence was being erased? Lordy I died laughing

    The way he falls out the window and he takes the curtains with him and breaks that lamp and then afterwards the girl is just like herp derp with her arms in the air I mean oh my god

  6. I found this fascinating and highly entertaining, I’m sat here giggling my sox of but at the same time thinking…christ…that’s some heavy shit. „what the fuck happened….don’t look at me“

  7. The notion that this an imitation is laughable at best. I am an advocate for drug legalization laws, particulary organic psychotropics, but you also need to be aware of how powerful these drugs are. These friends should have done some research if they were going to smoke an extract of such high concentration. If you’re smoking shit that has been this synthetically enhanced (with a spray bottle), then turn down the lights, put on smooth rhythyms, and TAKE TURNS GOING OUT IN ORBIT.

  8. @Zer0nite Oh wow you put it so well as for me to believe it now! NOW I see! Please dude, allow me to have my opinion, your the one who asked me about it anyway. What sad little world are you living in where you can’t allow others to develop their own ideas about things. And if they do, you just can’t let them be wrong, not you, you are the teacher! HAH. Please man, have a good day, if I’m wrong, let me be wrong, you asked me what I thought and I told you, sorry it upset you.

  9. for those that have smoked salvia let the squares that only do what mama daddy told them to do speak,im the guy that jumped out trust me its true the house shakes when i hit the bottom step of the stairs cuz its an old house,it just went online so ppl could see that funny ass crap,i cnt believe im alive but im here telling the story i dnt remember jumping just running away in my dream,try salvia thencomment guys

  10. sooo the lesson to be learned here is to not smoke this horrible shit?? cause if you do you’re dumb ass will jump outta the window? lesson observed! hilarious btw!

  11. No, it’s not that it’s horrible, it’s that most people don’t know how to use it or what its effects are. They should have taken turns and spotted each other. There’s no point in going together because they enter separate realities anyway. With a spotter it’s fine, just like bench press.

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