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‪Andrew Walker Football Move Of The Year


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  1. @naturalflirt2424 It did matter if you ask me, they may have lost but it was a great experience and very embarrassing for the opposing team.

    Imagine the underdog humiliating you like that 🙂

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  3. i grew up in america but if i grew up in australia this would have deff been my sport… you actually have to be ATHLETIC to play this game… not that you cant be athletic in american football but there are alot of fat asses that play american football… i hate that you have to be a certain size to play pro…but here you just have to be athletic and tough as nails… i can easily see myself getting into this game if i lived there.

  4. I do not know the significance of this catch (when it comes to the game, because I’m American)… but I notice an absolutely filthy catch when I see one. Much respect!

  5. @dramoth64 no we also continue going the only time theres commercials is after one team scores which obviously isnt as much as this afl stuff. Nfl has some the best athletes in the world an nfl player could jump that high in pads sooo yeahhh

  6. am i the only one who can see this-he jumps and then uses his knees to pust off his opponents shoulders to get higher. the jump is in two parts. first part fair play, second part cheating. comments anyone???

  7. the point im making really is that he doesn’t naturally jump to catch that ball or at without help. I can do slam dunks if I use a step ladder…. does that count?

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  9. @disisdabestcomment oh fuck off you derwood cunt. fuck ur convict rugby cunt, abbo cunt. fuck off mate its rugby, or as the americunts call it “FOOTbawl” and if you want to swear at ME, u are no better than those FILTHHY americans!!!! im glad our country shipped off all u convicts, because all u do is STEAL OUR SPORTS.

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  11. This is not that impressive if you consider that this game is like a Harlem Globetrotters basketball show. Sure they shoot some pretty fancy hoops but it is all rehearsed and choreographed. So calm down all you guys, this is the same kind of thing.

  12. @vanillacoke54 atleast them tights hold your junk, instead of it flying everywhere with thouse booty shorts. Fucken queer’ thers a reason this guys get paid kibbles and bitts compared to nfl players.

  13. @1billion1deaths1 clearly someone hasn’t heard of underwear and doesn’t really matter how much nfl players get paid because you guys hardly tax them. How much is america in debt at the moment? 13 or14 trillion? Get ready to hear the word austerity a whole lot more.

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  15. Aussie Rules is Australia’s sport. Rugby League is the inferior, paranoid second fiddle hence all the childish League fans here spewing out their “gayfl” nonsense. Why don’t you all go finger each others asses Hopoate style?

  16. @MegaFaranight Lol its only like 3 people it takes 2 mins. Also if you saw someone being a complete dumbass you would tell them to their face wouldn’t you? Which brings us back to the main show. Stop being a dumbass!

  17. @100metalrocks This is rugby. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. Kick, switch. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. Kick, TRY! Switch. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. Run, get tackled, get up. FOR 80 FUCKING MINUTES!

  18. Stop fucking hating on AFL people, if you hate the sport, just fuck off and stop wasting your time on your pathetic excuses. To the GayRL wankers who think NRL is the best, Australian sport, 1. NRL is a league, not a sport. 2. Rugby is from England, not Australia, therefore, it is not classified as an Australian sport. 3. AFL is much much older than NRL. And to all you soccer/synchronized swimmings fans, fuck off to your videos. I bet not one of you have actually tried playing AFL. Stop judging.

  19. @MrNottsCounty no, there’s only 1 kind of football, and it’s where you kick a ball around with your foot, not throw and catch egss with your hands for 99% of the game.

  20. @vanillacoke54 those r only openly gay footballers though, the ratio is like 1 in 10 so afl does have gay players, theres no doubting it, trust me there are afew rumors that r bullshit but there r more true stories

  21. @Calyptico mate i love association football just as much as afl, we call it AFL Footy & Football, shut up about this egg shit, nfl, rugby fans & afl fans r kinda sick of it, who gives a shit – afl isnt played in the uk so get over it

  22. @disisdabestcomment stop respinding you fuckin cunt fag holy shit let things go btw i still love this sport ( aus rugby) and i will love aus rugby tiol the day i die ok? fuck off you DERWOOD FUCKING CUNT

  23. @vanillacoke54 dude they wear booty shorts and their little brothers shirts thers no comparisson, they chase each other around the field like pansies, I just seen walker jump and put his ass on that guys face. This sport is 100% european like shitting on your chess.

  24. @rxonez1 This is AFL, drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball,drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball,drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball,drop the ball, pickup the ball, drop the ball, pickup the ball,drop the ball…………………

  25. @disisdabestcomment who said anything bout rugby league i dont care for either sport but gayfl is the weaker of the 2 FAGGOT u get a point for missing and the pussys punch a ball to avoid being hit and they couldnt throw a punch to save their lives all they can do is singlet push and as i have said b4 run catch kick are all everyday skills AFL is for soft cocks

  26. Around here (USA) we call that unsportsmanlike conduct. Two players are going for a live ball, they both go two jump split second apart, and one player uses the other to literally step on to get the ball. That’s not skill…that’s: YOU’RE LATE!

  27. @100metalrocks Lol at your grammar you stupid piece of shit. So you don’t like me replying but you’re the one trolling a page wanting to cause arguments? Fuck you’re a dumbass. Seek help you dumb cunt low life scum.

  28. Talk about trying to get publicity for the game. Almost 3 million views. The AFL would be licking there lips.. Also sus the vertical jump on walker! Massive!

  29. @100metalrocks If you look back at your shit grammar you would realise why I misread your comment. I never new “If fun watching u gayfl fanboys cry over me calling it a catch wich it is” was a proper sentence. Learn how to fucking write you Un-Australian cunt. May I ask if you have a life or friends? I mean trolling AFL videos is pretty low. Shit life you must have you loser.

  30. @PortAdelaideTV Its rugby league flogs what do you expect. They are so jealous & scared they know the takeover has begun of australia not that there was much competition. Nrl is a game played by idiots.

  31. @100metalrocks back on the AFL VIDEOS thanks bra all your doing is proving what a jealous idiot you are & giving this more hits & publicity for the AFL. ALL IN ALL keep doing what your doing 😉

  32. What is AFL;

    A game where grown men run around a cricket oval, kicking a ball around the place in a scrappy sort of fashion.

    A game where ball control and handling counts for nothing, as long as you kick the ball.

    an obscure suburban sport played in southern areas of Australia. Previously called the Victorian Football League, or Victorian Rules Football.

  33. Seriously, this sport is a joke, so simple and boring. I love it when they get their handbags out and start scrapping around on the ground, it’s funny at least. I’m trying to work out what it says about Aussies given that it’s the most popluar sport.

  34. Love the spectacle and the passion our family game offers and – no crowd violence.
    2 hours of fantastic high flying and fast moving and the score can vary many times during the game.
    To the detractors, OK you love your game, BUT we will continue to adore ours. #gopies

  35. kraekour didnt win the mark of the year because on the nitntanuie one said we wont see better my friends this the after it was walker then he one mark of the year . kraekour sucks boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  36. Well that’s your unwanted opinion. And it’s ‘you’re’. Learn to use correct grammar if you’re going abuse people. Flog.

  37. Alex Jesaulenko’s mark was a chest mark. I still think it’s a great mark, and I wouldn’t go as far as to call either of them overrated. But that’s your opinion, fair enough.

  38. Go back to primary school and learn the basics of spelling and grammar you uneducated twit. You’re the cum that your mum should have swallowed.

  39. Your argument is invalid, you can’t even put one comment together without making over 10 simple mistakes that bring you un-done.

  40. Yeh that’s great you were the cum that dried up on your dads husbands back, and ofcourse their both Victorians so really no surprises there, the state that founded the netball version of rugby league

  41. This game literally came from hell, serisously, just look at the history, the first club were the demons, except they weren’t big burly men running around with pitchforks stabbing people just because of things they said, instead they turned the game into a catastrophy by luring the masses into this brainwashing garbage and then putting a spell onto everyone that oposses it.

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