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THE REAL BOXXY‬‏ is Back – Faster than Ever WTF


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  1. This isn’t the real boxxy, her face has some key differences.
    -Boxxy’s hair is darker
    -Boxxy’s eyes are slightly smaller
    -Boxxy’s chin juts out a bit more
    -Boxxy’s face is smaller and rounder
    -Boxxy’s skin tone is just slightly more darker.

  2. Hiiii my name is worthless meme from 2 years ago that is trying to make a come-back but will never be what I use to be, I got lucky 2 years ago and I’m trying to cash in now (why the rights are reserved) Boxxy.

  3. Hey Boxxy, first time seeing your vid, glad you got your account back. I must say your really energetic and you speak fast! 😀 But I understood you and what you were saying but don’t ask how 😛 <3

  4. Hay boxxy, my mate ‘Spyder’ wants to have a flame war with you, i dont know if you got skype but hes claims to be the biggest troll ever, if you wanna have a flame war with him.. send me pm with your skype (if you have one)

    Love u (no h0m0) <3

  5. despite the fact that this kid has no future! She not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sheeee and um and um like because um and :(((((. she the one that filmed!!!!!!! America’s future going great!?!

  6. The reason original Boxxy wasso good was because there was truth to her. She was quirky but she meant the things she after a fashion. You know what the ebst video you have done is? Its the one where you return to explian things, effortless and based on truth.

  7. @maiarox101 you don’t get it do you? Shes a character this is all acting shes actually quite a normal person and if she wasn’t so dumb she could of took over the internet.

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