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‪HALF-LIFE – Singularity Collapse‬‏ (Fan Movie)


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  1. This guy has a unique understanding of directing action scenes. Perfect usage of first person camera. İ keep watching this over and over again. Epic ending. W8 for a new short…

  2. My only complaint is that the guns aren’t right. Love this piece fan work, just makes me want Episode 3 lot more. I figure, Episode 3 comes out with the new source engine, that is the source engine 3, whatever there gonna call it. Half Life was with Gold Source, Half Life 2, and it’s episodes with Source, makes sense to have Half Life 3 with the next source engine.

  3. The first time I watched this, I hadn’t played the game. Now I have, and I must say it makes me appreciate this that much more. I love the things you added — Breen’s speech, the clip of the graffiti of Gordon Freeman, as if there’s been some civil unrest going on… The process of becoming a Combine soldier… Love it.

  4. this movie is fng incredible. what an awesome job, so professionally made i had shivers. someone should send a copy of this to the desk of Gabe Newell.

  5. Interesting adaptation of the game. However, even though this was really well-made, by the end of the video I was ready for it to be over. Not a fan of the first person movie.

  6. By looking at the syntax of the file paths it looks like standard Windows file paths… it looks like Combine had something planned with Microsoft; it explains why all their shit is hackable with a shiny toy magic wand…

  7. You should watch Doom: The Game: The Movie starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson. That will change your mind real quick.

  8. It would likely suck no offense to Hollywood but they have become soft(love to make movies that appeals to all age’s) and blinded by greed, But good idea tho.

  9. Temrash 114 suggested „Hollywood needs to make an entirely first-person movie.“ When I try to post a link to another video it results in an error…. The film „Enter The Void“ is 80% 1st-person, the remaining 20% being a very tight 3rd-person perspective. An excellent immersive and cerebral film, if disturbing.


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