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‪HALF-LIFE – Singularity Collapse‬‏ (Fan Movie)


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  1. Valve has had many people come to them with scripts and has refused to make a movie so far because they all sucked. The people who make this movie will be the fans who do it out of love, not opportunists who make it for money.

  2. Every time I see a fan made film based in the Half Life universe it just makes me want Valve to release or at least announce HL2 EP3 but I know it isn’t going to happen.

  3. bad acting, i hate it when they turn to the camera, asking if everything is okay. they asked like ten times. all they said was “are you okay?”, “i gotta get out of here…”. goddamn. and the silly hands?

    but it wasn’t all bad. i liked the effects. the car scene surprised me.

  4. @soundificator That’s because he’s a civilian who’s been caught and taken to The Citadel. You would be lucky to be conscious 3% of the time. He was meant to become a drone, but if you look at the part where his memory was being “erased”, the GMan actually stepped in and cancelled the deletion of his memories. This is what triggers his conscious to awake. This alone is 1000x more badass than any other Half-Life fan film, simply because they used the GMan the way he’s supposed to.

  5. Quite well done!!
    I think my only critique would be from right at the beginning, the lady’s voice needs some presence. There really wasn’t any problem with the rest of the audio though, so it would be a great little fix for the beginning of this project, as the first 30 seconds isn’t about the flash and pizazz that you pull out in the rest of the vid.

    Freeman’s pose is strange to me. Should have hired:

  6. For all those complaining, I’d LOVE to see you make something better. Put your fat foot where your fatter mouth is and prove it.

    Critiquing fairly is fine. We all need critique to improve. But, complaining is a whole other- lower- plane. Don’t like it? Make it better. Accomplish something for once.

    I, for one, believe this is a very impressive film, even outside of the Half-Life fanbase. It’s not perfect, but it’s darn fantastic and it inspires me to move forward with my own fan film. Kudos!

  7. Thanks for giving the purchase brothers the finger by releasing this. It’s a million times better than escape from city 17 part 1 and better than the supposed part 2 which will probably never get released. I hope Valve pimps this in Steam!!

  8. I don’t think Gordon should be holding a crowbar there at the end, yeah I know, the crowbar is iconic, but it should have been a rocket launcher because it would fit the situation better. It’s not like you couldn’t tell it was Freeman without the crowbar.

  9. @supahmeng The last 3 mins makes up for it. If you are a true Half-Life fan, you will be in awe that they included The Citadel drones. Humans turned into bio-mechanic monster.

  10. this is by far the BEST Game bases movie I have ever seen. I cant stop watching it. it is Awesome!!!!
    Thank you to all that were involved in making this movie, your loyalty to the freeman’s is amazing.

  11. Caralho, assisti o filme duas vezes, não tenho nem palavras pra fralar o que eu senti assistindo, só que de deu vontade até de jogar denovo tou até instalando aqui, porra mereçe um longa!! PARABÉNS trabalho maravilhoso =D

  12. Got to say: Nice film! The only thing that I found hard to swallow is: Why would Gordon Freeman just be standing around in that battle like a badass. He doesn’t have to stand around flaunting it. Other than a little out of character bit, I liked the original work. You left the unnamed original characters actual actions ambiguous and up to the viewer to decide whether or not they actually happened and if they were a combine ‘jedi mind trick’ (just because i could not come up with anything better)

  13. Oh man that was great. im so glad i was reccomended to that by justin yngelmo. my only problem is the part where he finds the buggy and stops thne gets gassed.i just dont uderstand why he would just stand there if he knew that there were combine all around.


  15. Temrash 114 suggested “Hollywood needs to make an entirely first-person movie.” When I try to post a link to another video it results in an error…. The film “Enter The Void” is 80% 1st-person, the remaining 20% being a very tight 3rd-person perspective. An excellent immersive and cerebral film, if disturbing.

  16. It would likely suck no offense to Hollywood but they have become soft(love to make movies that appeals to all age’s) and blinded by greed, But good idea tho.

  17. You should watch Doom: The Game: The Movie starring Dwayne the Rock Johnson. That will change your mind real quick.

  18. By looking at the syntax of the file paths it looks like standard Windows file paths… it looks like Combine had something planned with Microsoft; it explains why all their shit is hackable with a shiny toy magic wand…

  19. Interesting adaptation of the game. However, even though this was really well-made, by the end of the video I was ready for it to be over. Not a fan of the first person movie.

  20. this movie is fng incredible. what an awesome job, so professionally made i had shivers. someone should send a copy of this to the desk of Gabe Newell.

  21. The first time I watched this, I hadn’t played the game. Now I have, and I must say it makes me appreciate this that much more. I love the things you added — Breen’s speech, the clip of the graffiti of Gordon Freeman, as if there’s been some civil unrest going on… The process of becoming a Combine soldier… Love it.

  22. My only complaint is that the guns aren’t right. Love this piece fan work, just makes me want Episode 3 lot more. I figure, Episode 3 comes out with the new source engine, that is the source engine 3, whatever there gonna call it. Half Life was with Gold Source, Half Life 2, and it’s episodes with Source, makes sense to have Half Life 3 with the next source engine.

  23. This guy has a unique understanding of directing action scenes. Perfect usage of first person camera. İ keep watching this over and over again. Epic ending. W8 for a new short…

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