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‪Couple Sees Jesus In Walmart Receipt‬‏ – Doesn’t Understand Thermo Paper


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  1. Of course, its just recycled paper that CHEAP walmart uses, it used to be a drawing of jesus and the heat made it appear, do this to most paper and youll find some interesting things, like the recipe to Krabby Patties

  2. Why does it have to be Jesus?! Its a bloke with scruffy hair and a beard… Why not a tramp, Bob Geldof, Random man in a pub???? Why does it always default to Jesus. Jesus Christ, people are so dumb sometimes! Think what you’re saying!

  3. @enlightened1ish Your logic is contradicting. For the sake of the argument, Lets replace religion with Christianity.

    Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
    Christianity doesn’t kill people. People kill people.

    Christianity doesn’t cause death, it prevents it. How can you sit there and tell me that Christianity advocates murder, when one of the biggest rules in the whole Bible is „Thy shall not murder“?

  4. and all this time, we thought Jesus was all powerful. Looks to me that he can barely convince idiots of his power.

    If I was were Jesus, I would have went RIGHT there. Walmart.

  5. @akis723 However, there is one true answer and religion out there, so the illusion of certain people thinking they are better will exist, religion and their better judgment should tell them otherwise. I do agree that people will feel like a „better“ person than someone not in their religion, but that is more of a human action.

    Christianity for example even says we are imperfect, but we should try to be the best person we can be. Its impossible fore perfection, but doesn’t hurt to try.

  6. @cryptidman117 Yours is the organization with the long-standing history of facilitating and concealing child rape and torture, right? They’re the ones making you look bad? You might need to elaborate.

  7. If u compare this image to that famous picture of osama bin laden glancing into open space, it looks just like him. I’m not saying its „bin laden from beyond the grave“ I’m saying some how someone got that picture on that receipt… Hell it could’ve just been printed on their in black and white for all we know !!

  8. am i the only one who think it kinda looks like the husband…could maybe a picture happen to fell on it in the sun light and heated up some part and not others…receipts are heat activated….and aren’t all colors heat anyways.

  9. LOL! This is bullshit. This paper react on hot temperature. You can take bill and heat up with lighter but don’t touch it with fire. After few seconds paper will be black in place of heating. But it’s not burned and it don’t smear!!! I think with some training or other method you could draw on it easily ;).

    If somebody live in Poland – Try this with STS coupon.

  10. Jesus looking creepy as hell. Sorry, but all the other „miracle“ Jesus appearances have been vague as hell, this one is obviously faked, as the picture is too well defined.

  11. between christianity and satanism i prefer the second. I am human, I have passions and feelings and I want to enjoy life. Are you a real satanist? I mean sacrifices and things like that.

  12. Punny christians, you want so much to believe in god that you see him everywhere. This is a thermal paper, it could be processed. Second, even if it looks like a bearded man, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily Jesus. Think, open your mind!!!

  13. They bought something before church on a hot day with a face on it, left the bag in the car and the hotter colors on the item created an imprint on the thermal paper. Praise Science!

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