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‪Full screen-split screen with any game


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  1. i’m fucking confused, how the fuck…..

    Ok someone please explain this part to me, when hes playing with 2 players, normally the screen is seperated top and bottom. when he switches to 2 player fullsceen, how in the holy mother of fuck does the tv know how to display the full thing for each player

    easy way to explain this, the game, BO, normally splits the tv image in half. So if you turn on 3d , doesn’t that make the combined images 3d?

  2. This is better than actual 3D content.

    Now I can play video games while my girl watches her tv shows on the same tv at the same time. Well, if the TV has SBS or T/B picture-in-picture anyways. I’ll just pop on my headphones and voila.

    If she ever puts her iPad down that is.

  3. @ohdaush If sony makes it somehow available, probably. With this same technique, no. Unless you rewired some glasses to blink at the same time, the active glasses wont work the same way.

  4. O whow this is brilliant… Omg… how many images could you project on top of one another like this???
    Imagine watching porn on the family tv while everyone thinks you’re just watching The Sound of Music like the rest of them

  5. @gordoa40 that’s because he said he swapped the lenses in the glasses so that one pair has two left lenses in and the other pair has two right lenses in.

  6. this is very good and a smart way to obtain this feature without spending extra money, but sony’s tv actually displays 3d images to each person, so each player gets their own full-screen image in 3d. sony’s tv does this by refreshing the screen 4 times faster than a normal 60 frames per second video feed so that the tv can show left-eye image then right-eye image (for player one) then left-eye image, right eye image (for player two) this would make the game run in 60fps 3d for each player!

  7. @thedavetrain Uhm isnt the effect due to polarisation angles of the light from the tv or something? I dunno theres 180 degrees in which the polarity can be turned in that case… dont know maybe you can do more separate signals othr than a straight angle.. Or am I talking nonsense now?

  8. So this would work on any kind of splitscreen? doesn’t matter which console? I have a 360 and saw this feature on a LG42LM60 and never heard of it before. Looked pretty cool but I was wondering if that would work, that tv with an 360.

  9. Just baught a 55LM6700 LG has same feature and this video just saved me 20 dollars for the dual gaming glasses thanks bro lol 🙂 gaming off these tvs dont get any better than this no more cheating on split Screen

  10. hi i want buy the sony ps3 3d tv but in the bundle find only 1 pair of glasses then i can buy another pair but i dont know which type.. please tell to me

  11. Its too bad that you cant do this with the active shutter 3d tvs cus i have one of those and all i think they would need for it to work is a tv firmware upgrade.

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