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‪Full screen-split screen with any game


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  1. Its too bad that you cant do this with the active shutter 3d tvs cus i have one of those and all i think they would need for it to work is a tv firmware upgrade.

  2. hi i want buy the sony ps3 3d tv but in the bundle find only 1 pair of glasses then i can buy another pair but i dont know which type.. please tell to me

  3. Just baught a 55LM6700 LG has same feature and this video just saved me 20 dollars for the dual gaming glasses thanks bro lol 🙂 gaming off these tvs dont get any better than this no more cheating on split Screen

  4. So this would work on any kind of splitscreen? doesn’t matter which console? I have a 360 and saw this feature on a LG42LM60 and never heard of it before. Looked pretty cool but I was wondering if that would work, that tv with an 360.

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