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Fake ‪Guitar Oscillations Look Cool


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  1. @iampriteshdesai pretty sure the string isn’t actually moving in the shape of a wave. It requires the camera you’re using to have a certain type of sensor (I think cmos sensors have this effect). This means that the whole frame isn’t acquired in one go. Each line is actually acquired at a slightly different time. So if you pan the camera from side to side quickly, for instance, straight lines can look sloped. Still trying to work out of myself exactly how you get the wave appearance though.

  2. I used to angle my guitar in front of an old tv and pick the strings. Looked a lot like this except I couldn’t put my tv in my guitar. Had to watch them from the side.

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  4. Many, if you search for them. Basically, it’s like an old TV if you know how those worked… Each frame of video is captured pixel by pixel, scanning across each line, so each pixel is from a slightly different time. If something moves by them quickly enough, it appears to distort – like these strings, or airplane propellers.

  5. It is not the frame rate that changes with the amount of light but the shutter speed. The more light falls onto the sensor, the higher is the shutter speed and the motion of the string is captured in a very short time period. Otherwise it would be too long and the movement is blurry…

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  7. I watched this in music class, and my not so bright friend, said it was fake. Well that caused this whole argument, and in the end, we never got to do anything for music class.

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