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100 Tons Of Explosives‬‏


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  1. @SHiDDYxProductions I would guess it is random stuff that aren’t going to be used anymore or stuff that has been taken from people, they blow it up to get rid of it. It is probably a lot easier, safer and cheaper to simply blow the shit up in some dessert instead of dismantling it.

  2. Though I am one for doing stuff for real over VFX, but why not just use CG for this? That would of been way cheaper and all the guys I know in VFX, yes professionally, could def pull that effect off.

  3. @wispers187 wth is wrong with u?? i only left a comment and i get called dumb, you are the 1 dumb here cus i only left a comment which makes u dumb, get it?

  4. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once. That’s the way dad did it. That’s the way America does it. and it’s worked out pretty well so far.
    0:17 For your consideration, the Jericho.

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