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Henry Thomas Original Audition Tape For ET‬‏


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  1. @curio1020

    Two observations:

    Thomas is using the old trick of not blinking to make his eyes water 🙂

    Note how Spielberg back-peddles in direction of the audition bring the little guys emotional state back to normal/positive 🙂

    Still, an amazing audition.

  2. @1415w Yeah, but listen to his voice crack, watch him swallow, his jaw shakes…. this kid is really into his scene. Has Henry done anything recently. Last thing I remember was „Gangs of New York“?

  3. If this doesn’t give you goosebumps you better check your heart is still beating. You’re 10 years old, sitting in an audition waiting room with hundreds of kids before an aid comes in with a clipboard and says, „Henry Thomas?“ You then go into a room with a camera pointing in your face and one of the biggest film directors in world says to you, „are you ready to start?“ With a daughter in film school, I know how difficult this is. Total respect for HT. Inspiring for any young actor.

  4. @1415w
    No offense, but you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the ass.
    There are no“tricks“ here. That is genuine emotion and genuine tears.
    Why do people feel the need to try and dismantle something truly brilliant?
    Henry Thomas, absolutely beautiful.

  5. @Picto2000

    My understanding is that he screwed up on the first audition, but was given another go.
    That’s good casting management.

    He owned that final audition. Totally.

  6. „For E.T., Henry Thomas was paid $45,000“ (search for that string to find the source.
    That was in 1982.
    Historically, in 2010 money that’s $90k to $200k.

    He was 11yrs old at the time and had done just one motion picture and a TV film a year prior to landing the ET role.

    So I would say on balance he got paid very well at the time.
    And earnt every penny.

  7. I remember reading that he’d recently lost his dog and when they explained the way he needed to react for this, he decided to think about his dog. Just watching it again, it brought me to instantaneous tears. Damn straight he got the job! 🙂

  8. Este pendejito es impresionante!! Para qué seguir después de verlo actuar a este. Encima no es que se emociona por nerviosismo ni nada, porque al terminar snríe como si nada. Genio

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