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‪Shocking illusion – Pretty girls turn ugly!‬‏


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  1. @dsrevo79 oh no im saying i watched it through once, didnt see anything weird, besides a bunch of faces go by, so i went back through an paused it to see if i was missing something. I didnt see anything abnormal just a bunch of faces whizzing by

  2. I don’t get it. Every girl is a different girl or the same girl with edited eyes or hair or face. there is NO illusion in it. Just wasted my 54 seconds on video and 16 seconds on this comment.

  3. Even though it said “pretty” faces… this illusion was so cool! I was staring at the cross seeing the faces in my peripheral vision, thinking what a crock! It’s so fake! But then I rewinded and watched the faces carefully and… wow. Cool illusion.

  4. Your mind requires depth perception, or the illusion of depth in the case of 2 dimensional images to recognize a face as human. When you are observing a face be it male or female with your peripheral vision, your mind does not register the face as belonging to a person. Whether you think the females in this visual exercise are pretty is irrelevant, because they will appear to be inhuman either way.

  5. Some psychedelic drugs like LSD do very similiar effect without looking at the cross at the middle. And I’m not making fun. It’s really intriguing how really eyes and brain percieve the world.

  6. Cross your eyes to see what they’d look like together, pretty neat. In essence, there can be 5 different people from 2, (2 original, 2 uglies when focusing on cross, and one hybrid when eyes are crossed).

  7. на 54sek-really ugly&monosexzhual women! Lots of lesbians IM/// ive read the backgound wwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy doeznt it afffffffects me?

  8. These girls are all disgusting… Whoever was in charge of this understood the concept but didn’t get attractive enough girls for it so his rendering of the concept holds no water…. What an idiot.

  9. “These faces have not been altered”
    ~!faces begin to morph!~
    *attempt at trust*
    *trust attempt fail bullshit meter*

  10. The idea is that faces are all normal but when you keep looking at the cross you will see ugly faces more like zombies

  11. Now, I wonder if there are people who have somehow developed such a distorted eightsight and see everybody like this :S

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