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Old School Techno Partying In The 90s – Tripped People


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  1. @natebooce I dont care if its your profession you still get off by luring kids into ur van by drawing them cartoons. I wont even take into consideration that you just said that no-one is enjoying the vibe there!!! you’ve never even taken drugs have you? so what the fuck do you know whats going through there heads? The people in that video are going to be so tucked away in there own world to even care what faces the next guy is pulling. And you call people who abuse herion smack heads, not xtc.

  2. wow – those tunes are AWEWSOME!!! tkaes me back… yir man that looks like the dude out the Goonies is some mover 😉 … cheers for sharing… happy times! x x x

  3. Which one are u Nigel are u on this vid? Looks fuckin sick there m8 go Warehouse project when it’s on in Manchester Oct-Jan that’s a savage gaff that.. But this looks fuckin messy.. ChinSwingersParadise!! Also anyone know the Mcs name on the first couple of mins of this vid.. Sounds like Mad P

  4. Nige3939.. I was hoping you were gonna say that was you.. You seen like a legend at this gaff.. This is absolutely fuckin brilliant stuff m8.. I would give my left knacker to have been there.. This has bought a smile to the faces of many of my friends bro!! Take it you don’t get in states such as any more?

  5. @bunard1 no not at all, 1993 was my last year, i became a father very shortly after,allways worked didnt just go raving,my eldest is 18 now ! she loves the video and cant believe thats her dad, i run my own garage/mot bus and a hotel and restuarant.., check it out and believe me thoses days didnt harm me at all,,,and i took the pitbulls in large amounts and anything else, was allways a big act to me !!! id go again thats for sure mate! regards nigel

  6. Fuck man, this is amazing!
    I’m 21, and I’ve only got proper into my raving this year. Of course I watch videos like this and wish I could have been there, I would have loved to see the start of jungle.
    But I’ve got to say, I’ve been to nights recently as loved up as this! we might not have the excitement of when it was all brand new, but this generation’s giving it our best shot too~

  7. Top 3 most important inventions that changed the world are: ‚invention of printing‘, ’synthetic drugs‘ and ‚the world wide web‘.

  8. Just listen to this music… man it is 1992… i dont know who the dj is, but he was beyonde the time much far far away, hat down for this

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