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How To Hynpnotize A ‪Chicken


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  1. This has nothing to do with the chalk. Chickens (and other animals) have a reflex called “Tonic immobility” when put upside down like that.
    They just play death until the threat (that is, two big predators about to maim him) are out of the way.
    Just science here, not magic.

  2. I’m the proud owner of this chicken and thought I would give you an update on her…No she hasn’t been deep fried…She has recently modeled for some extremely talented Artists. Don’t worry animals lovers, for every 15 minutes of modeling she gets an hour break for worm hunting…She does however insist on regular hypnosis, she thinks it relaxes her…She’s a very happy, free range, matriarch of the coop Lady…

  3. @ChristopherMarlowe I have something to tell you then…. You should sit down first, it’s not gonna be easy… ok, here I go: You’re a chicken.

  4. The chicken didn’t want them to mess with it just like we don’t want people to force us to lay down, plus why is it near a swimming pool? They need to just feed & water it then leave it alone so it can relax.

  5. its called tonic immobility and has to do with evolved aggressive mimicry and apparent death behavior in order to aid in escaping predators.

  6. You can do this with any chicken. We used to do it by just tracing your finger on the ground in a straight line away from it’s eye. The head has to be laying on the ground for it to work. Don’t ask me why it works, it just does. Won’t work in grass–the ground has to be clear.

  7. how this works
    chicken:*sitting down on ground*
    oh no there’s there’s a line on the ground…but it’s going away and staying in the same place????????*brain crash*

  8. wrong, sir, i have seen a chicken put upright doing the same thing many times, however, a chicken will not stare at a line that has already been created, it has a small brain and short memory so it doesn’t know how the line got there, and will stay that way to see if it will move

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