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Some ‪Transformers 3 Scenes Are Directly Taken From „The Island‬‏“


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  1. They probably re-used footage because it was too expensive to re-shoot when that stunt woman was fatally injured…
    Saying that they cut corners and you feel ripped off is a little bit over the top don’t ya think? Considering it’s only a 15 second clip out of around 2 hours…

  2. Conclusion : You need to go outside and stop spending so much time hiding in your mothers basement hiding behind that computer screen and have a social life , Seriously

  3. @TheRoflAzn True, but the rumor going around is that an injury on set made them decide to do this…either way, Michael Bay made it fit…. it was a fantastic film.

  4. @usergroupX Lazy? This isn’t lazy at all, first of all, they did this for a reason (the rumor is because of an injury that happened on set, so this is perfecty understandable), secondly, stock footage is used in movies all the time

  5. @oBLACKIECHANoo Lol, I like you, you’re funny. 😀 But yeah, I’m not going to keep on arguing about stupid shit like this, and you really shouldn’t either. You know what proves who really has no life? You replying to my first comment. I mean, what was the point of any of this? And the whole „Kill myself“ thing is getting old, seriously, come up with something new.

  6. This is a nice find and I myself did think that the scene in question looked familiar, but aren’t you just obviously telling the world that you have an illegal copy of this film in your possession to edit this with? 😛

  7. To Drumma425…omg..putting the decepticons in place only made that scene even better than when it was used on the „Island“..besides he did it for the right reasons..skip to the village you idiot..I guess your cashing your welfare cheque, hmmm..not at the bank Michael Bay uses..geez growup

  8. Its bad enough when they are so out of original ideas that they remake an older movie or make ridiculous sequels..but using exact same scenes? Damn..Hollywood needs to be taken down. They put together some pig shit, and want US to pay the hard-earned money that we don’t have to keep them in their mansions and Bentleys. F that! Piracy for me! I won’t spend a penny to see Megan Fox or ANY other bitches‘ tata’s. Who’s with me?

  9. @tkemert20 Actually, you started it with your first, pathetic comment, like I said, learn to read. I clearly aren’t immature, but with you being a 16yr old faggot, you clearly are. Learn what troll means too.

  10. Wow the fact that you think transformers is one of the best movies ever is pathetic. The fact that a „good“ and big time movie director is re using scenes from something that isn’t his is a low blow for directing. Go watch a real movie like Citizen Kane or The general or Sunrise.

  11. Sorry for that, he did direct the island but it’s still really low that he re used multiple scenes in directing terms. And yet/if the media gets a hold of this they will ask him about it and he will probably say he intended people to find out.

  12. Wow!! This film blew me AWAY!! – the effects are great!! does anyone know how much it cost to produce? Also the new chick is smoking hot! wooo!! by the way you can watch this movie on my channel or here\Dark-Moon

  13. Vastaa tähän videoon… Correction, paralyzed, not died: The shot from ‚The Island‘ was inserted after an accident that occurred during filming of that particular chase scene in ‚Transformers: Dark of the Moon‘. A tow-cable snapped, hitting film extra Gabriella Cedillo and resulting in a serious head injury, leaving her paralysed. This is extremely tragic, and our thoughts go out to Gabriella and her family.

  14. In transformers 2 he reused scenes, with little luck I might ad.. from Transformers 1.. I would be okay with this right here is. if only the movie was good… sadly it’s a marathon in impressive effects and shitty storytelling.. xP

  15. @lilnaughty1 you’re right, I was wrong on that aspect. Still I think it’s understandable using stock footage (from his own movie, at that) to finisht he scene, considering what happened.

  16. I liked the Island…especially the chase sequence with the rail wheels…bombastic and yeah I’ll join the legions of fans fighting for Michael Bay’s honour

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  18. I agree with what skyshroud4 said. A girl’s head was sliced open by a braided steel tow chain on a highway outside Chicago while they were filming. After that happened they weren’t allowed to continue filming in Chicago and moved on to finish the movie in Detroit I think.

  19. Oh no! he took a whole 6 seconds from one of his own movies and used it in his new one. He must be the biggest hack ever because this has in no way ever happened before with any other movie or director…….

  20. It wasn’t terribly noticable at least. A case of recycling I did find terribly noticeable was in Star Trek 6 and Star Trek Generations… In both scenes a Klingon Bird of Prey exploding is kind of a big deal, but it’s recycled exactly. Very jarring. At least in this movie it’s not such a big deal.

  21. @gondule I don´t consider it stealing as well, that´s why i was talking about the lack of creativity and ideas…the idea is to make scenes following a storyline, not a storyline following a few scenes…

  22. The director did this because the stunt lady died during this stunt. They wanted to include her in the new movie too. Grats to them! Nothing about ideas, or lack of creativity.

  23. I’m rename Michael Bay to Michael Gay. Here’s why: In the movie „The Island“ Scarlett Johansson offered to make her love scenes topless, but Michael Bay denied it because he didn’t want to hire the rating of the film. I don’t hate him, but he made a REALLY bad mistake. Thumbs up so people know!

  24. Ì just wãtched Transformers 3 Onlíne at ▬► ◄▬ in True Hí Def, fûll Length, DVD – rip Quality. The ending wasamazing! =)

  25. @Drumma425

    You’re wrong. An extra in the film that was „driving“ on that freeway during this scene was hit by a steel cable that separated under high stress from the stunt car. Didn’t kill her but ended up doing some serious damage to her skill and I think some permanent brain damage.

  26. @gondule Maybe it was the program I was using, but it was a bitch and a half to create anything. I agree that it was an awesome scene-awesome movie-but if I saw all that destruction going on behind me, I’m getting the hell out of there. It seems to be a problem with a lot of highway action scenes, the other cars act like nothing is going on at all!

  27. Dont watch the movie if u think its crap or some movie cuts where from another movie, still who cares its action and a good movie, so please shut up and stop complaining and try to do better if you even can do better, or else just stop.The transformers movies i belive is hard to make real and logic every scen most be done by animation, i only think its cool that someone got the taste of awsome futuristik action. i love the movie and nothing more.

  28. @gondule I want to say Maya, but I’m only 80% sure on that. It was a few years ago. After about 50 rendering explosions on my first project, I gave it up. 🙁

  29. I couldn’t care less… i watched the movies for entertainment purposes, movies lose their purpose once everyone starts over analyzing every last bit for faults in the production…

  30. HAHAHA, i bet you couldn’t come up with that one if it wasn’t for that other retard calling me a pleb xD either way you people are sad, you’re only looking for stuff to hate on. Enjoy your little life if it makes you so happy.

  31. So i guess mindless hating makes you high class? So you guys complain that movie makers „make movies to make money“ but you still go buy that damn ticket to go watch the movie but you don’t watch the movie, you only look for mistakes in the movie so you can have something hate on in the internet? Very logical indeed.

  32. Right! Because you analyze every last bit of media you take in, pfft! Who the fuck cares man, about his opinion and about yours.

  33. 1. The wire was badly welded, and would be hard to reset safely and properly.
    2. Shooting had to stop so the woman could receive medical attention.
    3. No one wants a mistake like that happening twice in one shot, not even Bay.

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