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YouTube – Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store (Movie)


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  1. stop guys defending this EAT YOU KIMCHI as if it was something you belong to, why should he get the permission from them? the video does not belong to them either!!!!

  2. Tesco is the leader European market in Food Safety System & has his own Standard Plus his Initiatives in CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility. Now he cross the line to the future !!!. Great Ideas , Congratulations for Tesco & Korean People . Hoping to See Soon in my Country Egypt .

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  4. Why not just have it on-line so people can shop at home? This seems more expensive than a wed site.
    FYI the only other people in the world who work harder and are more tired are americans.

  5. garbage its no different to internet store you cant see the actual produce or if its in stock,less products to choose from in tescos they just pile high with one poor quality product. i can understand why people would not want to visit a tesco store to buy grocery’s they are horrible places, they have been selling virtual food in the uk in recent years as much of it is not really edible.

  6. @OurFadedGarden
    Really .. show me that study your talking about!!
    second.. I didn’t call you anything … I said your a joke for thinking that… “ONLY americans” .. what a Joke.

  7. @OurFadedGarden
    do you always use Google as an excuse for every thing you come up with?
    and yes you did say “only”, go see your earlier comment.

  8. I don’t get this idea – if people have to leave their home anyway and slowly go product by produt – slowly take snapshots … but end up with nothing in their hands – isn’t that a waste of time ?!?
    Isn’t just better to do it in the actual store and take the stuff home with you ?
    It seems so stupid to me…
    I would have prefered to see all those items at MY HOME – in MY Computer and just drag them out to a virtual cart – pay for it – get it delivered and that’s it.
    Isn’t that much better ?

  9. @TheDaveDean these people are probably out because of work.. i think you don’t understand korea’s traffic on the roads and in the stores.. it can be stressful.

    this way you shop while you’re out but don’t have to go out of your way to get to the actual grocery store. and this way by the time you’re home its already there – without an additional hassle of having to carry it with you from the car to your home.

    to each their own. maybe you’d rather deal with car & ppl traffic.

  10. Some people said that website is much more faster and convenient to use. However, website won’t let you know how big the actual size of the products are and remind you to shop. This idea is awesome and I am pleased to see it in my country also. 🙂

  11. @TheDaveDean
    I think youre thinking of this idea from a western point of view. And I would agree with you that this seems a little stupid from that POW, I wouldnt really use it here in Sweden.. but in when Im in Korea? Hell yeah. The work/commute/private, and most important, delivery situation is totally different there.

  12. @TheDaveDean

    There is a reason why you don’t get it. I won’t get into it too much though. Fyi these people are not in the subway to shop infact they are just waiting on their way to home or somewhere else and shopping to spend the time.

  13. What a complete nightmare, we want to see, hold, smell and check our purchases. We don’t want people making wrong orders and delivering junk to our door. I’m tired of all this big brother technology dumbing us down. This is the work of the vermin The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists working with the Cohen family of England.

  14. @KaishouEleven @Jokuki9 @S8587 @gndizon
    No one said that it’s not able to shop online straight via mobile phone. Perhaps that mention for e-shopping at home was just an e x a m p l e …

  15. This is an OUTSTANDING example of connecting the real world and virtual world! The Quick Response Code #QRCode integration is smart, smART, SMART!

    The right kind of information, in the right place, at the right time = Intelligent Interaction Marketing

    Now that customers have the digital identifiers of the store items in their phone, they can reorder anywhere, any time. This is absolutely Brilliant!

  16. @BazTruBlu Well you don’t need it. I’m not sure how this online shopping at tesco works, but i believe that you can fill your shopping cart while in the tube (as long as your phone works) and save it. Then when you do have internet access, you just order it. You don’t need to order it right away (when you’re in the tube), do you?

  17. Isn’t it a better idea to just shop via website then? I mean seriously. This is progress? You still have to drive over there. Your phone needs a charged battery. You need an app to do this shopping. I don’t get the added value. You’re not meeting any hot chicks there either because everybody’s too focussed on trying to keep their phones still to scan that stupid QR-code.

  18. @anunnaki2006 too bad Koreans are highly educated. Korean subways are high tech and very clean. Too bad Americans vandalize everything and anything nice would be stolen or broken. Things that exist in Korea only because they are a civilized and advanced people.

  19. @TheDaveDean .. miilions of people travel via subway everyday in Korea. It’s a good idea since while they’re waiting on the subway they can get their shopping done. the public transport system in Korea is second to none. it’s very reliable, very clean, modern, and hightech.

  20. @natenate88 I agree and this is due to there being a lack of lower races in that nation which bring the nation down to a low level where higher races tend to follow as well. Only the higher races can be civilized meaning White, Asian and Judaic. This doesn’t mean that this isn’t a big brother nightmare we’re living in Worldwide. The U.S. has gone so backward and third World its incredible how well the dumbing down of the populace has gone thanks to The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers.

  21. My company allows that as well to every merchant… we actually combine not only billboards, but also catalogs, shop windows, envelopes and virtually any print products with shopping… 🙂

  22. @anunnaki2006 Get some education, and you’ll learn that “race” is not a scientific concept, its just a way to divide people in to groups easier to discriminated. If you believe in race, you are a racist.

  23. @gogledoessuck Get myself an education? Where from? The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers like you and the rest of the World of mind-reframed clones have? I do not think so my friend. First of all ‘racist’ wasn’t even a word until after 1914. I’m a racialist and I love my white race over all other races and my culture above all other cultures as everyone of every race should do. You sir have been mind reframed for the melting pot of th World Government. Study Richard Coudenhove Kalergi

  24. you guys are not getting it, this is just so it makes it more convenient when you’re on the go. millions of people travel via public transport everyday in Korea, and when you’re at the subway waiting around you might as well pick up a few things you need so when you get home you’ll have them there. Grocery stores will still exist… of course, but this new innovative way of shopping will give people more access to what they need. Korea is a advanced and these innovations are only the beginning.

  25. @alwaysniraj123 yeah, and if you sum up specific data about the individuals and divide the result by the number of individuals you can make assumptions about a group of individuals. This is called statistics. Welcome to math.

  26. so, you didn’t actually complete your mission!
    At the start you said “could we become number 1?”
    What you achieved was to become number 1 ONLINE and still remain 2nd offline. So basically you just invented a new way to shop and you didn’t answer the question. In a school test you would get a zero. It doesn’t matter how good your online campaign is, you didn’t answer the question! And I’m not even a teacher!!

  27. @anunnaki2006:Interesting, but since when Judaic is a race, which ones? the ones from Africa? or the Sepherdims or the Ashkenazi Jews who are genetically identical to eastern Europeans?so, why did’t you include Russians and all the Slavic people? Oh I forgot you are one learned member from a superiorly floating race!


    …on the other hand, I’m saddened that we basically have no lives of our own… 😛

  29. Dear alovelove777, Koreans are smart and they plan. Just do not bring in foreigners. There will be enough work for themselves.

  30. remember that they need employees to deliver the orders and such. just bc its with technology doesnt mean that no ppl are needed 🙂

  31. Who is the real creator of this video? I would like to cite the original source when sharing this video with my students.

  32. Considering someone still has to deliver the goods. I would say that the employment goes up. It just moves from the grocery store to the UPS guy. Not moving with the times for fear of loss of employment is no option. See the story of the printing press and the consequences it had for those who made handwritten books before them. That will give you an idea of the point I am hoping to make. Greets!

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  34. The same idea is used now in Helsinki. Came across a wall with a similar “virtual” store shelf in the central railway station. Would be cool to see this idea spread even further.

  35. They’ll need more delivery drivers at least. Plus they mentioned that they were not willing to open any more stores to begin with. If anything more jobs were created this way. However, it is possible that your comment could apply to long term unemployment.

  36. Have heard about education in Korea?! They’ve got an incredible education system. People are not aspiring to become grocery workers. In any case this system still needs workers to organize the orders and deliver them, so there are still jobs.

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