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Cute Girl Obsessed With Cats Cries And Wants A Soulmate


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  1. @amore426

    I doubt it, maybe another shot to get 5 minutes of fame, this is kinda similar to Chris Crocker video about britney spears, but that one was genuine

  2. Ba-ba-booey! Ahhh sorry about that maybe you shouldtry again at a dating video you gotta tempor your emotions with faith don’t let haters intimidate you

  3. holly shit, this woman is fucken crazzzzzzy as balls,, “ I want to hug a cat and I love cats and thats why I;m single and alone and I love cats“.. lmaooo… this girl needs to be cock slapped properly.. I bet as soon as she gets some real good cock she’ll change focus… lmaooo holaaaaaaaa

  4. You’re obviously a beautiful intelligent and passionate young woman. Best of luck. Volunteer at your local cat shelter and join a running club!

  5. Meow, meow, I am a cat. We are cats and that is that, no deep meanings truths or facts, read into this, you will, don’t blame me if you feel i’ll.

  6. Of course it’s not real, lol!!!! When you cry intense like that, two things are supposed to happen… 1) Face gets all red, and 2) Tears.
    She was just being entertaining because she can!

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