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Obama Takes Girls Phone In Dublin


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  1. yeah …it like one day i sit on the toilet ..and talk to my girlfriend ..and suddenly the President starts to talk to me……what da hek should i tell him?? hey ! yo !? „where s my woman ..?…lol

  2. what are you? a little white boy with no balls? oh yeah, you are so small, oh you are so cute, oh and btw, can you please tell me your address and what country you come from, thanks 🙂

  3. You must be talking about George Bush(satan)who murdered thousands of people overseas with those endless wars??? right, cause I think he created all of the financial crisis you talking Obama is not in vacation in hawaii he is from hawaii!!! hope god put some sense on yourself amen..

  4. How else does someone win a election of any type? You lie to the public, its not because he is black you racist prick. At least his IQ is higher then a fucking rock.

  5. please, stand on the wall keep praying for Obama as :
    Dear Father, in Jesus Christ name, nothing is impossible with you,
    Please, save the spirit of Obama’s & his followers, give them love, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, and goodness …
    Please, soften their hearts, also make them faithful to America

  6. Dear Father, in Jesus Christ name, nothing is impossible with you,
    Please, stop OBAMA and his wife . He has wasted taxpayer money for his enjoyment on vacations & golf. one vacation in Hawaii cost over 4million, He has played golf over & over 94 times within 3ys during economic going down, a lots of American lives have jobless and staving
    Please stop his ways, which are destroying this America , as he increases our debt & leaves the bill for our children and grandchildren.
    Amen, Amen, Amen

  7. It’s hear not here. Say Obama is stupid all you want he’s the one worth millions and graduated from Harvard Magna Cum Laude and is president. What do you do for living? If you’re smarter than Obama then why are you not making millions?

  8. were did you get your vice president a institution? i wouldnt doubt thats also were you get your information lol do you here what he says or are you so caught up in your own little world you just dont care?

  9. lol That’s funny considering all the idiots like Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Pailin, Hannity, and Michelle Bachman are all completely stupid and conservatives.

  10. @ItsMeGandhi
    I thought you`re Muslim or some kind of sand niggers because of this ‚Gandhi‘ in your nickname. F*** it, you are right – Poland sucks big dick. Most of so-called ‚Poles‘ too, Jewish motherf****ers. I hope that next Adolf Hitler is in way to this world, to clean up this shiet.


  11. Obama: „what was that? well, thanks to your daughter… alright… well, I hope she has a wonderful time (cant make the rest up, probably location)… ba’bye“

    I’m good like that 😉

  12. @ItsMeGandhi 90% of em are half german or even less:) u know german as nation is dying noone wants to fuck pure german womens so they dont have children, in germany atm is more outsiders then true germans. so stfu, its pure true that ur womens are simply fugly^^

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