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Footage Of A UFO Seen By An Airline Passenger


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  1. @ThedarkChaos100: because “white lines” just appear in the sky near planes while travelling at enormous speeds with solid trajectories and then disappear behind the wings of said planes.

    The only “white lines” around here are the ones you’re snorting.

  2. wtf, why do you cyber soldiers always bicker about pish statistics, my dads car is better than you, well my mums jet flys at 700mph, SHUT THE FUCK UP, the point here is something flys by the dam screen, pretty impressive, the person probs never noticed this until returning home from werever they were going

  3. I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.Also 30 new 2010-12 videos from the History Ch that shows solid evidence the aliens were here thousands of years in the past.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will understand the truth about the aliens.

  4. It could be a falling star, but if u think that plane at those heights should speed least 500 km now taking that as reference the light should speed like 1500 kmh or more. A regular speed for military planes. I thin a UFO which can travel tru space should go way beyond those speeds.

  5. u only see a flying rock from space when u look up not right next to a plain if that happened every week than thousand of plain would been crushed by the rock think before you lie.

  6. no, rocks fall from space at an angle, not directly down. Im not saying i see one every week, im saying i fly every week and this is a natural accurance. Think before you try to be a smartass.

  7. So it’s a rock falling from space… perfectly horizontally… before swerving higher up into the atmosphere?

    Seems legit.

  8. If you look at he horizon then you would see its not falling “perfectly horizontally” as you said it, in fact it is falling at a curved trajectory. Also, because it was filmed by a hand held camera, it can never be perfectly horizontal. Idk where you see it swerving up, if you are refering to 0:09
    Its just a refelection from the sun hitting the glass

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