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The Nerd Rap – I Love You Nintendo


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  1. I hate you. go listen to more mos def pandora radio station to lower your standard of rap music. Your desperation to find simple rhymes keeps you jumping from subject to subject every other line. I cannot follow your trash CanADDian flow. Feature yourself less in your videos and your material more you pretentious fuckkkkkk.

  2. If the song weren’t so bad I would listen to it again to post a few examples X_X just pull out nearly any of the lines side by side and you will see he can’t stay consistent with an idea AND keep a ryhme. No Talent.

  3. It’s a rap about Nintendo, what does he want me to do? Talk about one character from one series for an entire verse? I had to cover a lot of ground.

  4. Dude man you got me with „Playing Duck Hunt on a Saturday morning No matter what it never got boring“. YESSSSSSS!!! thankyou.

  5. Thank you! Hard to believe the song is nearly two years old at this point. A lot of people also enjoyed our Video Games Remix song as well, and that’s got a bit more of a viewership. It’s never really about the views with us, we just like having fun creating things.

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