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Queueing Theory – Why the other line is likely to move faster


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  1. Burger King does this but it doesn’t work because they only have one till open most of the time. I don’t blame queuing, I blame mis-management. 🙁
    McDonalds doesn’t do queuing but because of the method they use behind the counter, everything seems speedier.

  2. At airports a single slow ticket agent doesn’t slow down an entire line of people — the way it does at a retail store. If one ticket agent is slow, or blocked, then he is routed around.

  3. Actually, this is a perfect example of why having the one line feed to multiple registers DOES work.

    Having one line feed to multiple registers – or airline ticketing agents — evens out the delays by, in essence, having everyone deal with the issue, instead of just one line suffering while the rest go faster. Basically, it de-prioritizes each line, and so everyone goes at the same speed.

    Problem is – everyone wants to be first. So your need to be first is what’s really at work. Just a note

  4. Yeah, amazing. The military commissaries in CONUS and overseas have be doing the single line thing for decades. It works.

  5. they can be equally fast at the best chance, but the CHANCE of NOT being additionally slowed in the long/fast is zero, compared to the 1/3 chance at the short/slow.

  6. It’s your airport fault, not the theory is wrong 😉

    Single/fast queue will not be any faster than short/slow, it just ensures that flow of traffic is smoother.

  7. I really liked your videos, it just shows that what I learn in my classes are not wasted and there are very practical and realistic usage in our everyday life.

  8. that was awesome. but when there are only 2 lines, i am without fail in the slowest. but that doesnt matter as my partner takes the other one, and we just meet up at the winning counter lol. (and its never mine)

  9. „Other lines“ seem to move faster also because your exposure to a fast line is limited because you move quickly through them while your exposure to a slow line is prolonged because it is, well, slow.

  10. Do you want a cookie?

    He said „most“ stores dont do it. So its not surprise that there are stores out there that use one line.

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