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Never Give Up! Never!


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  1. if any of you get the chance to watch the Dark knight rises watch it, because for me that is great inspiration becuase it talkes about how we fall so we can learn to Rise.

  2. Music companies are so short sighted! I had never heard this song before and I bought this on iTunes BECAUSE I heard it on THIS Youtube video! I came back to this video today because it was on my favorites list and now the song has been pulled off. Don’t they realize using their music in a situation like this actually SELLS MORE MUSIC.

  3. This is BULLSHIT! Suburban War fit this video perfectly to give that tingly feeling inside that everyone craves…I’m pissed. What the hell else am I gonna watch every few days to get me pumped up?

  4. This video gives me chills every time I watch it, its a shame that the audio has been muted but nonetheless this is a beautiful video.

  5. And one more thing for heartless lawyers from some company banning the audio – I’ve bought a number of records after watching/hearing them on YT. This music was on my wish list as well. It was but it is not anylonger. I can resist from buying it after you did what you did. If you multiply these fat milions of users of YouTube by the price of records they can buy afterwards you will get the value of the market that you are killing. It’s your problem actually if you don’t want to be there…

  6. For me this is the #1 video on the internet. Then nothing for a long before the others favourites. That’s a pity that it does not exist on YT anylonger, fortunately it can be found on other places.
    What makes it so unique is the perfect composition of video, commentary and background music. Any of these, if taken separately, is great but, well, it does not make any special value. But in common – it is simply astonishing and amazing, I have no words to put it better way.

  7. What was the name of the song? I originally saw this about 2 months and have been looking for this video because I forgot to bookmark it. No that i found it, it is muted!!!

  8. Since the music backing can add so much to the video, why not set a new track to this in the edit section? There are tons of great choices out there, even better than your first one, IMO. The original choice doesn’t seem like it adds anything particular that a lot of other options couldn’t do as well or better.

  9. All I can say is goose bumps, that was unbelievably amazing! That young lady has amazing heart, I only hope that my kids grow up to have determination like that.

  10. hahahahaa i thought this was The Race by wiz khalifa maybe a fake music video and i was just waiting for the song to start

  11. Check out the link in the video description to hear the video with audio. Not sure why this was muted as it is used overwhelmingly for inspirational and educational purposes. Too bad as the song works perfectly with this beautiful performance. Thanks to all of you who have contacted me about the video. Cheers!

  12. @TheLincoln1980 Could we please, please not make this about the bible or religion? Can’t it just be about a video of a fine athlete exhibiting remarkable determination? K, thanks.

  13. Every time when I’m in a bad mood and i feel like I can’t handle all the sh*t that’s arround I watch the this vid. and I start getting the feeling that nothing is impossible. Thank you guys for the film and, good luck Heather !!!

  14. Never stop and make a story! Always get up and move forward! Then story’s are made about who you really are!!! Thanks for making this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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