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Cultural Differences Between Sudan & The US


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  1. I wonder how many of these American biases I have (that I am not aware of)? … it’s easy to mock the lady in the pool, but I’m sure I too have such ignorant thoughts.

  2. lol „i heard there are only one wife. these things are going to affect us“ .XD
    I don’t know why, but I bust out laughing

    Anyway, great vid

  3. I love this. It is true with our cell phones and other electronic devices we have stopped becoming nice on a basis level. Many people find a lot of Americans to be very friendly once you finally get them to talk to you.

  4. Any American would feel the same when going to Sudan. Not knowing how things are there any more than they know how it is here. I would love to go and experience the culture there. No one is stupid here. No reason for anyone to throw insults anywhere. I wish I could have been a part of showing them around America and teaching them things. Not everyone is mean here.

  5. these group seems fun to hang out with. they’re very great thinkers and all their question is OMG!!!! THEY SKIPPED GREAT LINE ON 1:40!!!! cmon man when one of the Sudanese tried the potato chip for first time he said “ it’s ready “ aww please put this on 🙂

  6. Me and my friends met Daniel last year. He looked through my math textbook and got really excited because he loves education. Then before he left, he gave us a twenty dollar bill and told us to use it to help someone in need. Life changing <3

  7. This was a wonderful, moving documentary. I just wanted to give them all hugs. These are examples of people who come to America and make it a better place.

  8. Its so true man. We live in the most advanced country in the world and we all live like strangers. Nobody talking to eachother. Its funny how that lady said „do you have alot of freedom here you didnt have“ it didnt look like it at all.

  9. @VinnieDain424
    „which is what she most likeley thought“ You don’t know that, you heard only a clip of the conversation. She was asking IF they had more freedom, not declaring.

    „she might ahve been thinking that America is the only country with freedom and that Europe is a country“
    You see, this is ironic, you are angry because of the assumptions the woman is making, but you actually don’t know if she is, your making assumptions about her making assumptions. Your being a hypocrite.

  10. @VinnieDain424 I don’t really understand how that is an unreasonable question? Many people flee various countries in Africa because of oppressive dictatorships or genocide ect… Why would that question cause you to loose respect for americans? What’s wrong with it?

  11. „do you have a lot of freedom here that you didnt have“ – LOL – americans think they are the only free country on the planet… idiots

  12. @VinnieDain424 „Do you have a lot of freedom here?“ is an understandable question if the woman thought they were fleeing political oppression. I don’t think it makes her, or Americans in general, rude or ignorant.

  13. Wouldn’t it have been less psychologically stressful for the sponsoring charity to send the Lost Boys to a rural area of the US, perhaps be sponsored by a farm family or farm work-study program while they learned the culture? I don’t know the logistics of something like this, I’d be really curious to find out on a policy level why the program was implemented this way.

  14. @A55ma57er -yeah, where I come from in Norway, there are trolls both in the woods and in the mountains. I am really scared of them. Dad used to warn me, that my uncle wife is a real troll, and it shows in the way she is behaving. She is treating my uncle real bad, sometimes.

  15. @ParadoxAnonymous TROLL! A mythological creature from Norwegian folklore who lives in the woods and eat people. Not too bright so it is easily fooled.

    I know this! I’m Norwegian!

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