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Awesome – E-ink on Cloth


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  1. Will the power requirements be lower before this goes into commercial production? That’s a pretty hefty battery!

  2. нет,все таки полицейским надо на фуражки такой дисплей с надписью полиция,а то не отвыкнем от милиции)))

  3. THIS should be the future of computer technology. A 10-core processor with 64Gb RAM and 5Tb HDD that can be unfolded from a pocketsized scrap of cloth into an 18×24 desktop/laptop computer.

    Actually, that probably is the future of computer technology.

    iPad users are going to be pissed in a couple years…

  4. He’s being extremely careful with it. How bendable is it really? if you crumple it up, will it break?

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