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Crazy Crow Can Talk – Waka Waka – Say Never More


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  1. @TheUnknownGuy321 Is it fair to point out that I used to look after birds of prey, the place I was at had a raven and it talked, not very much bit it did talk

  2. Awesome vid! So cool! I’ve been in the market for a pet Raven. Where did you get this one? And do you live in the US? My research said it’s illegal to own a Raven in the US because it’s a native bird and protected by law. I live in the US so it’s quite a problem. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  3. @Murdock129 I don’t care. This guy’s videos are fake. It’s crystal clear! I know that birds can imitate sounds, but the voice isn’t real. The sounds it makes at 0:30 could be real, but if you look at the video closely when it says „never more“, you can see that the guy has replaced the croaks with the words „never more“.

  4. holy shiiiit either way that’s a fcking big bird!!! Do those things fly in your country? Holy hell do they sometimes snatch pedestrians of the street?

  5. @TheUnknownGuy321 I have watched this at least 20 times and this voice replacement never happens I think you are looking at the wrong video. Throughout this whole video the bird says „Say Nevermore“ except at one point where there is a place where he had stopped filming and started again. You sir need to stop trolling!

  6. It’s so humanistic that the raven says „Say nevermore.“ As if a bird understands the word „say“ separately!“ It’s like when I tell my dog to SIT DOWN… each word is different. Should she sit? or lie down?! She doesn’t know which to do.
    That said, I LOVE this video, I love the raven & I am very grateful to the person that posted the videos. I admire the patience it took to teach this intelligent bird to mimic human speech! & I have no doubt that the bird knows what it’s saying.

  7. His voice is one of the most eerie voices I’ve ever heard come out of a bird… Until he says Wakka Wakka, lol. What an awesome bird! Also cool that he has a black cat to pal around with!

  8. lmao i love how he adds the „say“ … and sheez he sounds like Microsoft Sam. is that what your voice sounds like?

  9. the funny thing is, you actually CAN teach a raven or a crow to „talk“. But, yea, i’m certain you guys are right, this shit seem’s waaaaaaay fake…

  10. I love how he/she adds „mimics“ along with „nevermore“. XD I had no idea these guys could mimic THAT well, I thought you were talking over the video at first! Also, the bell sounds these guys make are so cool.

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