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First Orbit – The Movie (Beauty Of Space – Starring Juri Gargarin)


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  1. Technically in orbit, the men to go first in space were part of the American X-15 Rocket program 7 flights of which Neil Armstrong flew in. I don’t know if Armstrong never went high enough to go into space but he set the fastest records in the program. Either way all pioneers of space and flight should be honored.

  2. Yet another shoe size IQ moon hoaxer, who cannot spell or make grammatical sense…..

    The guy you are referring to also believed in snake oil cancer cures and died riddled with cancer.

  3. Beautiful, and Poyehali is one of the most beautiful phrases for me. We should remember that we are all astronauts riding on a spaceship – that is our planet, and we better keep that spaceship in good working condition.

  4. Great film. Very intresting.. But before the start no one kept filming. Filming of rocket start was after landing Gagarin. In radio has been encrypted phrases about some problems.

  5. USA faked the moon landing beacouse of the cold war they didnt want russia to sound superoir so they faked it there was never a moon lading get over it , even some of nasa prof. confessed that it was fake

  6. The moon landing. Because the moon landing being televised means that the USA hid absolutely no details. I’m sure the news about Gagarin’s flight was given early. I appreciate NASA’s efforts made over the years. No man but an American has ever stepped upon the moon to this day. But you have to realize that the Soviet space program and its successor, Roskosmos, were also pioneers in space. My parents were born in Soviet Ukraine and I am proud of my country of origin’s achievments.

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