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A New And Weird Video From Boxxy


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  1. @pacowillrocko lol its amazing no matter how many times its said people cant seem to grasp it! i’m glad im not the only one to know this. its getting boring reading all these comments “OMGZ DAT IZ NOT BOXXY?!?!” etc etc

  2. I know this is boxxy although I think she looks way better without the wig. But people who cares? she’s playing a different character just like shane dawson and others always do. theres no need to call her a troll its acting besides if you don’t like her why watch her videos? to hate? then that would make you a troll.

  3. The whole boxxy thing was a novelty, but still I can’t stop myself laughing even at the newer, seemingly more staged boxxy

  4. they have to be the same person because they have similiar mannerisms, and thy act the same. Nobody in the Earth is this stupid. My favorite part is how she asks if the person is gay and then she gets really so angry that he told her that.

  5. This is hilarious. Anyway, it’s Boxxy. First off, Boxxy’s account name is “Boxxybabee”. Two e’s. And then “AnewHopee”. Two e’s. Almost like Catie Waynes trademark. Also, they have the EXACT same nose. Lastly, they talk the same.

  6. That doesn’t amaze me anymore. It may sound cynical but the vast majority of people are so stupid it sometimes scares me. =)

  7. no, boxxybabee and newhopeee are not the same person, there’s a reason this account was hacked and the other can post videos, if you agree with me and I have misinterpreted what you said, I’m sorry, if not, then you’re the dumbass

  8. I just want to say why all the hate really that isnt cool you wouldnt want people to do that to you to give you so much hate and dont say my haters are my motivators i bet you dont even have haters cause your the hater but any way dont be hatting on Boxxy or Catie come on we are all better then that their is no need for this meaness and one finally thing who else thinks that Pocky is good i cant be the only one
    Like if you think its yummy
    Dislike if you dont like it

  9. since ur boxxy y r u making boxxy(yourself) sound bad i mean ur not the one that hacked the accound ur CATIE so y r u making boxxy(yourself) sound mean and bad…

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