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Very Close Call Accident – 2×4 Through My Windshield


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  1. It actually appears to be lying on the road
    almost parallel on/at the yellow-line then
    swings sideways as the trailer runs over
    it and sends it Airborne ! It’s also very…
    Loooong ! ! !

  2. #1 YouTuber in the world (Ray William Johnson) sent me. And that is a fact RWJ has the most subscribers and video views

  3. There’s a 2 second rule when following traffic (e.g. it should take 2 seconds from the time when the vehicle ahead of you passes a landmark, like a light post, to when you pass that landmark). I can barely count 1 second. I’m not trying to pass blame on you, but just saying that if you were further back it might not have happened.

  4. WHen this kind of stuff happens its scary as hell. When I was 4 years old their was this 18 wheeler carrying bricks and flew off and hit the windsheild of my dad’s truck. Luckily my dad who was driving and me in the back were alright.

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