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Graffity Overdose – New York Subway 1986


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  1. i’m kind obssesed with this year ‚cause i was born in 1986 and i was looking for something interesting on you tube and i found your video, it is amazing i loved it so much!

  2. @ghostdein1 I too am completely fascinated by Old New York , late 70’s to Mid 80’s. Its almost like I was there,, but I was born in 82. Lol.

  3. 1985 (I think around September if I remember right) was when the double letters retired into NYC subway history. I remember riding on the AA in Sept 1985 so it was in the mid-80’s when the double letters became extinct. I think it took until the fall of ’85 before the platform signs and station signs at least at the major Manhattan stations replaced the double letters on certain line such as the AA, CC, GG, LL, QB, and RR to the K, C, G, L, Q, and the R, respectively.

  4. There’s nothing like NYC and Subway is the best way to get around….As a New Yorker I’m proud to be born and raised in the best place on earth…

  5. A beautiful time? The NY subway was a filthy mess with graffiti all over the place and a high crime rate. What was so „beautiful“ about it back then?

  6. The audio and the video are not matched, at least with the IRT segment. Someone used the sound of one track for another.

  7. He clearly took this video outside rush hour, the only time you saw the C line running. Other times the K ran on 8th Ave. I do wish he had gone over to the BMT platform at Times Sq. You’d have seen everything from the R16 to the R46 running there at any given time.

  8. Agreed. Young kids who pine for these days have no idea how bad it was. I would never have brought a bulky video recorder into the subway during this era, even in Times Sq.

  9. Yeah but it wasn’t cute trying to find a payphone that worked though and at least iPods require headphones. Far better than having to endure loud music coming from someones boombox. Good old days weren’t always good 😉

  10. high crime sure.. but calling graffiti a filthy mess is ur own mindless stupid fuckin opinion.. do kids with loud music bother you too grandpa? how bout a barking dog? go wear sum velcro sneakers n eat sum prunes. the subways cud use graffiti on the trains now. those silver computer boxes are uninviting and ugly. some beautiful graffiti pieces would do wonders for a subway system where everything looks the same now… so yea the trains WERE ‚beautiful‘ back then. real nyers respect art, schmuck

  11. UUuuuuhhh, now I´ve got a tinnitus! 🙂

    The NYC sub was (is?) the loudest sub in the world.
    Greetings from the City with the most silenced sub in the world. 😉

  12. your years are technically correct according to wikipedia, but for anyone who actually lived in the city, you would know that you didn’t really start to use metrocards until the end of the 90’s. and the last token machine might have been taken out in 2003, but i’d say for all of 2002 i didn’t come into contact with one token. therefore, utopaboy, you are correct more or less. By 2000, metrocards were already standard

  13. actually, graffiti was — for the most part — a filthy mess. every once in a while you’d see something nice, but anyone just trying to throw a tag up does account for making something ’nice‘. and i used to write, so don’t tell me that i have a stupid mindless opinion. i’ve come to realize that there is a time and a place for something. the trains really did look like shit back then with all that on there. i didn’t think so when i was your age natera87, but my guess is you were born in 87

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