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Weird Completely Non Adhesive Material is Weird


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  1. actually, while i also believe that a complex material is used, similar results could be obtained with something far less extravagant.. i tried to do this with a ruler and a bakery paper, with good results!

  2. I tried that also. worked well first but I wasnt able to keep constant speed so it caused some mess. Machine does it better ^^

  3. Lo están haciendo en una superficie plástica y con cosas densas… quiero ver eso en un suelo normal y con líquido…

  4. The machines ‘tongue’ is actually a revolving rubber mat, it uses the cohesive surface tension of the goop to keep it together by pulling it up onto the tongue.

  5. Is the invention the scooper? or the glass that it is scooping up from? Or new kinds of sauces that are more scoop-able?!?!

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