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Mini Dog Has His Hump Day


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  1. My dog did that too, and both my dog and the friend are female. My friend stood there and screamed for a long time, even after my dog walked away. lol

  2. had a poodle but NEVER had this problem (thank god cause I hate when dogs do that)…anyway is not always sexual, sometimes is to show the other who is „boss“

  3. my friend’s dog did that to my FRIEND XDD and the weirdest thing was, my friend is a girl and her dog was a female so I guess she was a lesbian dog 😉

  4. We had a poodle when I was little, and it was just like that. Castrate him, and it will drop off about 50%.

  5. Urgh! What the hell? LMAO the dane growls at it at the end as if to say „STOP HARRASSING ME YOU PERVED UP KID!“

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