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Drunk Man Eats Napkin At Denry’s


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  1. And this video was found in the parking lot of the Dennys that day around day break, with their car still parked there….and in it were these four young people DEAD…with napkins stuffed in their throats….the police and managers reviewed the tapes only to see the table behind these kids…empty…the man was never in that Denny’s that night…and was never seen again……

    Haha idk…mind wandered on this one..

  2. I would laugh at a dude eating a napkin at 3 AM in a Denny’s. If you wouldn’t, you probably live a terrible life and have no enjoyment of it whatsoever. It’s nobody’s fault but his for being so wasted in public. Don’t wanna be caught in embarrassing situations? Get drunk at your house…so simple. Plus, why would these people go help him…he’s not swallowing a knife, he’s eating paper…it’s his fault he’s drunk. HELLO. Bet none of you would actually help someone who truly needs aid.

  3. Gosh i feel bad for the guy. I mean yeah he is drunk but it isn’t nice to film someone when they are “intoxicated”. And you did it so you could embarrass him on the Internet and get views.

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