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Another Great Kinect Hack – Immersive 3D Video Chat Is Finally There


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  1. awesome videos, don’t listen to the haters… you beat them to it… hehe thanks for putting your work up for everyone to see…. this is paving the way to technology that is cheap and easily accessible to everyone! As a software engineer myself whenever i get free time from my own job i can’t wait to try out the musical and artist potential of this.

  2. Very nice start. Your videos have answered the first question I had about using multiple Kinects to correct for the eye-line issue of webcam video calls. Thanks.

  3. Are you guys working on the quality of the video itself, one thing i noticed in your video with the Kinect Box and 2 Cameras is that it is really blurry and you couldn’t make out an image. Another question regarding quality is if it is possible to fix those black and white blotches that appear on the screen when the subject is moving. If these have been asked before i’m sorry. Thanks

  4. Imagine if this will be how they record people for games in the future, then the environments can be digital and the actors be photorealistic. Or in movies… REAL 3d movies…. awesome man, just awesome.

  5. You mention you are using lossless compression. What is the resolution of each frame (rgb/depth)? the native 640×480 or are you downsampling it?

  6. @madVal8 I’m using lossless compression on the depth frames, at native resolution (640×480 pixels, 11 bits per pixel, 30 frames per second). The resulting bandwidth in typical settings is about 500 KB/s. The color frames are compressed using a standard lossy video codec, in this case Theora (mostly due to its nice API and licensing terms), also at 640×480 pixels, 24 bits per pixel, 30 frames per second). H.264 or something similar would work as well.

  7. @okreylos Thanks for the info!! had another question – Does your version of Vrui toolkit support connecting multiple Kinects to one single PC or did you use multiple of them to connect the Kinects and used some kind of a central server to work on them?

  8. @madVal8 Vrui doesn’t know anything about Kinect; it’s just a VR / 3D graphics / UI development toolkit (think Qt or GTK+). Kinect is handled by the Kinect package, which uses Vrui for its graphical applications.

    Anyway, the Kinect package handles multiple Kinects per PC, as many as you have USB buses (there can only be one Kinect per USB bus due to bandwidth constraints). There is no direct support to pool multiple PCs, but that’s a simple addition to the software.

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