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Amazing Tool Chest


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  1. @Lenzai Wow, wonders never cease. So, you have the tools in it, then you need to move it, take the 300 tools out 1 by one, move them to whatever your going to use to move them, take down the chest, move that to your conveyance also, return tools to their spot in chest, go to where your going, and do everything in reverse order? Are you kidding me? The chest is almost 100 years old, most likely not moved much during his employment. It is now at current owners home. At final resting place.

  2. @wildaznfire In todays standards, that is a lot of ebony, and as of right now ebony is about $90.00 a board foot. I believe its the most expensive wood available. Any of the black wood is ebony. The ivory is actual ivory, as in elephant tusks, now illegal for importation to U.S. The main case is made out of mahagony which is pricey also. Your looking at about 400-500 to build it today

  3. I was invited for a tour of this place and saw it on 4/12/11. It is very impressive. The bench in front matches the tool box but is not the original bench (the top may be but the bottom was made by the present owner). It has some polished stainless steel bench vises on it that I have never seen anything like before. There are some tools missing but since there are so many it is hard to tell where they are. It can be locked shut with a combination lock. I took some bad pics with my phone.

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