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Weird Working Heat Engine: Soda Can „Stirling engine“ @ 860 rpm


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  1. @maxdonvale Yes, I used 0000 steel wool and it worked well, except it would pack down at high speeds and eventually burn at the hot end. I now use fine stainless steel wool.

  2. @petkfg It doesn’t touch the top or bottom, just gets close. The displacer stroke is 1.5″ and the diaphragm stroke is .5″. The displacer is sized so it doesn’t touch. The noise in the engine is from the crank bushings.

  3. Ok. Thanks for the information! I have other question lol!!!! The displacer goes near the top and the bottom of the cylinder or it realy touch? According to C= 2R ( C= piston stoke ; R = radious of the crank) your engine should have about C=4cm right? So, in theory, the piston shouldn’t touch the top or the bottom, unless it’s height is about 4 cm or more, right? I’m asking this not to rob your plans but because my work,in paper (lol) requires these informations. thanks for your time.

  4. @petkfg The displacers on my engines aren’t true displacers, but rather moving regenerators, or regenerative displacers. The steel wool is what moves and there is no hollow displacer piston at all. The steel wool is packed loosely and held in place with two perforated disks. The wool touches the sides of the cylinder all around as it moves up and down, but not tightly or the friction would get to be too much. Hope this helps.

  5. Congratulations for the engine. But i would like to ask you something about the displacer to compare with other models for a work i’m doing if u dont mind 😉
    So, u use the steel wool as regenerator but when you put the displecer into its cylinder, dos it fit tight or it has a little space so that the air flows between the cold and hot side? I’m asking because some prototips make them very thight to the cylinder, but that could be a problem somethimes. Thanks and good work.

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