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Wheel of Fortune 1 Letter Solve


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  1. @dynam1te HAHAHA, You act as if this game is hard or something. My daughter could play this stupid game, it takes no intelligence to play, you just need to know the alphabet. That’s a kindergarten accomplishment right? So, the next time you wanna talk, raise your hand and let an adult call on you.

  2. Once, in a computer game version of WoF, I solved a puzzle with ZERO letters. The category was Landmark and it was composed of three words, that clearly could have spelled Yosemite National Park. It was correct.

    I was nine years old. Nobody ever calls me a genius.

  3. Look at it for a second… The „I’ve“ is obvious.. and then the „A“ is obvious because „I’ve ___ I“ doesn’t really make sense… so.. „Ive ___ a“ from there its just a matter of guessing what would come at the end of „I have _ _ _“ not a lot of options for verbs here… if she could figure it out from there she’s half way… „I’ve got a“ and then the rest is a bit of deduction and luck

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