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Bad Ass Robot Costume


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  1. @markleggett He seems like a jerk because he’s irritated at all the people comparing their stupid shit to his epicness. He did what he did, he did it somewhat efficiently and safely. That’s all there is to it, people.

  2. Let me give a few advices.
    – Add a few leds & lights.
    – Add a red dot for de vulcan machinegun
    – if the vulcan machinegun could rotate, it would be very heavy
    – add good and dynamic music to your video.

    very good job, I like it.

  3. Whats wrong with Canadians? Were they not excited to see an alien robot walking down their street? I’d be blowing my horn and screaming out my car window, WE“RE UNDER ATTACK, RUNNNNNNNNNN
    LMAO, serious, you rock dude.

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