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Homemade Spacecraft – IPhone 4 Sent To Sace


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  1. @jesuitx The only reason I brought up the Emmy award and the other stuff is because the guy asked. Normally I don’t mention it online. I just thought it was funny because he thought I was a douchebag because I could do the math he couldn’t do to figure out the balloon wasn’t even close to space.

  2. Wow…. my brother just show me this video and I just HAD TO comment on this…. I give my hat off to the both of you for making this EXTREMELY AND MOST LIKELY a ALL-AROUND science project a A+++++ Great job on making this experiment. Appreciated the view also!

  3. What a wonderful video and story this is…it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of great job you guys for doing an experiment like this. I think most people (me for sure) always have dreamed about going into space or at least doing something like you guys did. OUTSTANDING!!!

    Great job men!

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