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Tune of the day: Karen Elson – The Truth is In The Dirt


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  1. @katiedid0017 She has a pretty voice. The tune is really well produced and composed so it makes a good song. Céline Dion has a great voice, but shit is what comes out of her mouth, well “ imo “ .

  2. you know damn well she didnt write this. even the structure is very jack white. must be nice to have husband who has access to great studio musicians, owns his own label and can write his ass off. she is a fake and i hope she sucks cocks in HELL!!!!!!

  3. You guys are really mean. I don’t think this has the structure of a Jack song at all. Maybe if all you’ve heard is the stuff he did with Loretta Lynn, but if you listen to his entire back catalogue it’s almighty obvious that this isn’t really his style. Obviously it’s got his mark on it because he played drums and produced it but the writing is Karen. The wording is just too far away from Jack’s style.

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