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Cats Morph to Croissants


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  1. @lolitahsweetah your comment made me to remind croissant (or may be bagel) by their colors and shapes also look like crabs.
    This is just a image conjured in my mind 😀
    Check out my video 😉

  2. There is this Girl Antonia That hates animals.
    MsAntoniaMiskic –there is her account.
    Alot of people hate her. including me.
    She has a video of her throwing NewBorn Puppies into a River.
    But it isnt on youtube, and i think Its very wrong.
    Please put Comments on her page about how wrong it is to hate animals.
    Put this Message on other videos so other people comment on her page.
    Please Thumbs up so people can see.

  3. That last cat transformation is so awesome. Did you Photoshop the croissant to make it match the cat and place it on the sidewalk? Please tell us. It’s so cool. I want to know how you did it.

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