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Reality distortion field remains strong with Steve Jobs after antennagate


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  1. 1:34-1:43: Jobs gave a press conference to explain these problems. He admited that the iPhone had antenna problems but competitors‘ phones also had similar problems.

    1:49-1:51: If anyone was still not satisfied, Apple would give a cheap antenna cover free of charge to solve the problem.

  2. 1:10-1:23: The latest problem with the iPhone’s reception but Jobs says the problem is not with Apple but the hands of consumers blocking the iPhone’s antenna, resulting in poor reception. If the hand doesn’t block it, then there’s no problem.

    1:25-1:31: But when the Consumer Reports website declined to recommend the 4th gen iPhone, Jobs realized that the situation was SRSBZNS.

  3. 0:39-0:48: When Gizmondo got hold of a 4th gen iPhone prototype, Jobs asked police to search Jason Chen’s home, to force him to hand over the prototype.

    0:50-0:58: [Shenzhen, China] There have been recent reports accusing Apple’s contract manufacturers of exploiting workers. Some felt Apple’s response was too cold and unfeeling.

    1:02-1:09: Many users don’t like having to make a contract with AT&T in order to get an iPhone and decide to file a class action suit agst Apple.

  4. 0:01-0:04 The controversy around the 4th generation iPhone continues unabated. Jobs is busy putting out the flames.

    0:06-0:13: Jobs has helped his company Apple to make billions of dollars. This is thanks to the iPod and iPhone.

    0:19- 0:30: Apple is now bigger than Microsoft. Jobs has become the most impt leader of the tech world. But some say the bigger Jobs‘ business, the more evil he has become.

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