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Impressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight


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  1. @BlackKnightSkye Maybe you are ignorant if you think that being an engineer makes you a smarter twat. I often see this. I’m a high school dropout but a good investor and I’m smarter than most university idiots who end up with a decade of debt and no propa job. Many kids in London brag about studying abroad „I’m going to Roma, I’m going to Roma“. So? I’m already TRAVELLING, going to Japan this year 😀
    One can go to Surrey or Cambridge but they’ll still yap about evolution being wrong at church.

  2. @StandingRedPanda Did you drop out before learning to read? I didn’t say engineering made me smarter, but I am good at my job and I travel on my own and still study religion.. And who said I didn’t believe in evolution? Don’t butt your face into conversations you don’t understand just because some touchy nerve is stimulated. And don’t try to generalize as much.
    Although, use of the word twat makes me smile.

  3. @bergenstation You should check out the pentagons new map.. Quite a big theater of operations.
    All of Africa except South Africa, all of the middle east, most of South America.. ext

  4. @CmdrTobs „Militaries don’t primarily to murder civs“

    I’d guess 100-1000 civs per combatant get kill
    Yes The Militarily primarily kills civs

    The goal is to enslave them after taking the fight out of them. The corrupt puppet governments can then borrow against the civ’s and trade their resources for kickbacks. Only a small select few get the fruits of the military labor. But it’s a big haul; trillions from Iraq and Afghanistan.. The American people just get bills and higher gas prices.

  5. @abram730 yeah yeah yeah pretend we are talking in hypothetical terms, but lets say they did consciously at all levels in the chain of command want to kill civilians then these would be still useless as artillery will do it cheaper and more effectively.

  6. @CmdrTobs What’s hypothetical?
    You are talking about a hypothetical „lets say they did consciously at all levels in the chain of command want to kill civilians“

    I didn’t say or suggest that. I’m talking about the facts of the matter.
    Fact : we do kill mostly civs.

    There are different points of view at different point in the chain of command and there are ideas that conflict.
    Dehumanization of the enemy conflicts with winning hearts and minds for example.

  7. @abram730 …and I did not say you suggested by me saying „lets say“ – thats me stating that, not you. Read more carefully.

    The point is now lost anyhow.

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