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Jail Bird (Cockatoo opens locked cage from the inside)


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  1. For all of you who think that having a cockatoo in a cage or any other bird in cage is animal abuse first think of what animal abuse is: it’s when an animal is neglected, mistreated and/or mal-nourished!!! Us bird owners know they need a little bit of freedom that’s why most of us let them be free all day and close their cage at night!! I respect your opinions but US BIRD LOVERS ARE NOT ANIMAL ABUSERS!!!!

  2. Any one that thinks this is some kind of manipulation trick done by the owner is probably wrong. I am owned by two macaws myself, and they know how to cut the ropes at the bottom of their giant maximum security prisons, snip a padlock, then slide the bars and the trays out under it to escape underneath.

  3. @maer06 Animals at the bottom of the food chain see freedom differently than animals at the top, like humans.

    A „nice place to be“ to a bird is a branch in a heavily leafed tree, having food and water makes it even better. Which is a lot like a good cage.

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