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Kid Can’t Kick Ball


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  1. I don’t know why there’s so many mean comments about this kid. He just seems really excited. He’s little and doesn’t know what to expect. Kind of like watching a toddler try to jump in a pool for the first time. Don’t think for a second that any of you failed to do something equally as goofy looking when you were this kid’s age.
    Still, the parent’s putting their kid up on youtube to be made fun of is on them.

  2. i remember seeing this (or something like it) on AFV.
    i couldnt help but think,
    “wow, that kid has some surprisingly serious junk (i am not a pedophille, just take a look and you will think the same thing)

  3. This is actually a disorder. I forgot the name but it’s basically where the child is advanced in things deemed complex for their age but can’t do simple things like, jump forwards, use both hands to do different things at the same time or in this instance kick a ball while holding it up at the same time. It frustrates them to no end. But they eventually develop enough to do these things later on in their toddler life. My son had it from ages 2-5. Hang in there kid! You’ll kick it soon enough!

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