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BP Spills Coffee


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  1. Pretty good. You forgot the prelude where BP bitches about government regulation…then, after the spill, intefers with the government trying to help about cleaning it up!

  2. @CordovaMage wait do they have anew name? kuz im seeing all the bps here put up fake gas station signs so ppl dont think its them, but they keep there colors (they think im stupid question mark?)

  3. @CordovaMage yeah conspiracy is up, I dont htink they did the spill on purpose, but I think there not capping it on purpose, if they cap it without having to drill a relief well, i think wed kick em out of out coast.

  4. @sandcrab13 Hold on there sport. The same crowd that is always saying the the government is too big and wants to control our lives is now criticizing the government for NOT taking over from BP?

  5. @ralliart2000
    Yes, Satan. Here’s the end of the story for him: “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet [are], and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”
    Revelation 20:10

  6. honestly, i don’t know if i should laugh at this video or not. Then again its is funny because BP is reacting exactly like the people in the video:) thumbs up btw

  7. You left out Obama, his inaction exacerbated this disaster. That and the greenies, pushing oil exploration off into such deep water. What the hell were they thinking ?

  8. @KarsiaDave

    Get over it. Bush sucked, we know. However, this does not void Obama of responsibility as our current president. He has no experience as an executive and it is painfully obvious amidst this oil spill crisis.

  9. Also, if these dumbass liberals wouldn’t force these companies so far offshore this wouldn’t be near the catastrophe that it is. They are so deep that any realistic containment is not possible. Had they been allowed to drill without “feel good” liberal regulations, this spill could have happened in much more shallow waters, making containment a much simpler task.

    Funny how logic and reasoning behind an opinion works, eh?

  10. @KarsiaDave Obviously, you know me, but couldn’t figure out how. Then I remembered: the Idiot’s Convention last year where you shook my hand and said you would vote for me for Big Idiot. Gotta say, you know how to pick an idiot!

  11. What’s this got to do with the oil spill? They spilled coffee, that’s all and they’re overeacting. They could have just clean it with paper towels instead of wasting time leaving it by putting junk and nonsense.

  12. @crragsda 1. is relative 2. 100% fucking wrong. Investigation says: BP knew the manuver was extremely unsafe, and the entrepreneurs actualy refused to do it, but BP said “go ahead we are the ones paying you”, so the entrepreneur had no choice. Then they failed big time. BP got what was coming to them.

  13. How can you people like you be such big asses? You laugh when some one is taking a knife to your child’s throat. Can you not see this is damn serious? Go ahead and make fun of this while there is 100’s of other oil wells ready to do a similar act. HOW WILL YOU STOP THESE WHEN THEY CAN’T STOP THE ONE LEAK YOU SEE? Continue with your stupidity! You should all be ashamed of your selves. Wake up before it’s to late. Put to rest OIL. at C. C.M.A energy research, David Chura

  14. @ChibiSakurakino25 Obviously you don’t understand the intentions behind this video. It is showing how BP, a huge company responsible for a lot of things, can not deal with a problem even of this size.

  15. @laflugantabastardo I see you are a social gadfly like me. Are you really from Holland. I avoid meat now……more people have died in the U.S. from Mad Cow then they let the public know. I just found out that two people in my town died of it but it was given another label.

  16. I would like to see every beach in the U.S. covered with oil if it wakes up the American people to take a stand to get off of this archaic form of energy. Spill some in the Midwest too and in Hawaii and dump a bucket on Pennsylvannia Ave.

  17. @UBERGRIMKVLT oil should be banned.. and coal too. And everything that comes with oil. I don’t care if all plastics are banned too bad for you. And lower the population too many people destroying the world.

  18. @lornstar6 every other oil company noticed BP illegally cut corners and put the public at risk.. their engineers are clowns recruited from the circus that would mess up a plumbing job.. they couldn’t even cut that pipe straight without screwing up .. yes you should blame BP for being complete screwups and not plugging that leak in a few days.

  19. i will kill justin bieber by strangling him with my dick
    then i will piss on his coffin and take a whopping dump on his tombstone
    after that i will tie up all bieber fans and cut off ther eye lids so they can see this stuff all happen!!!!!

  20. @CTastic1 You just pulled a BP, you completely avoided my questions, try again! 🙂 Next time, try topkill, see if that works a second time.

  21. @ZZ12340 And I’d rather have the Saudis dealing with this than BP scrfewups. In the Gulf war spill the Saudi government stepped in with 200 supertankers with centrifuges and cleaned up a 700 million gallon spill. Did you see one tanker out there? No, because BP and the US government didn’t deploy them. Obama was too busy sucking up to BP.

  22. @1britz are you kidding me?! BP is too stupid to fix this on there own! obama HAS to worry about the spill AND the U.S. problems! this could take a HUNDRED YEARS to clean up. dont you think that obama should try to help? and what will happen to louisiana?

  23. @CharlesTelevision id have to dissagree with you obama gave out money to the middle class of america with the stimulus which gave me a job and turned my life around and now im finishing school instead of running around with the thugs an drug dealers, plus with the money obama gave us is all spent which was it intended to to stimulate the economy so consumers would buy more if they had more money

  24. @cn23271 lol i love you guys really…i really really do….you talk all this talk about oil, and stuff but yet you sit behind a monitor connected to a PC thats using a mouse and keyboard that are all made with petroleum based plastics. Love you <3 😛

  25. @jacksite2007
    Hey look, jackass – I’m an American and if it were me calling the shots you wouldn’t be running your mouth off. I’m certainly not proud of BP or the government or any of the fat fucking corporations that outsource and destroy the rest of the planet because they feel like it. I won’t deny that our economic system is fucked up, but I also won’t stand for arrogant ass holes like you coupling me with the shitheads responsible for America’s shitty image.

  26. @lucifadore8
    I have to agree that American greed is always f**king things up. Look at Enron, the Sub-mortgage affair and now this. The government turns a blind eye to enterprise as they don’t want to interfere and let the corporations bend the rules if there are any. Ethics or money – what gets traded off most?

  27. @EddieBrockVenom : I really hope my government will change, they are doing “citizen control” laws, like you for the 9/11… This suxx…
    Anyway, more than 12% under the poverty line and 10% of unemployment rate, it’s not a really good situation for USA, and European too…

  28. Hey all you brillian effing idiots… BP is in it for the money, The government is dragging ass cause the current admin hates free markets & is trying 2 destroy them 1 industry @ a time, if everyone1 boycots BP (like a fucking retard) then everyone loses, as BP will just claim bankruptcy then the U.S. taxpayer will be on the hook (we already r… but would b even more-so) IF Obama admin WANTED this fixed, they would have acted on the 1990 & 1994 plans & waived the jones act… but they don’t!!!

  29. @benjamminzIS The US taxpayers are already on the hook to deal with this, and BP will walk away and continue to make record profits.

    BP was Obama’s bigget campaign contributor when he was running for President.

  30. Lol oh that’s hilarious, I love this. Those idiots really can’t figure anything out, sad right? We can put a man on the moon, but a hole is kicking our butts…

  31. @benjamminzIS but they don’t want it fixed because then they can’t push forward with their insanse anti-free market agenda. The sad part is, everyone loses no matter what in this case now…

  32. @chosenone065 They are only dumb for paying attention to Obama. They should do the same as American companies do to the rest of the world and tell them to go fcuk themselves!

    Don’t forget that it is an American company that is behind the world’s worst industrial disaster – and an American company that has refused to act in an ethical manner and make good for the enormous damage that it caused.

    Fix the disgusting behavior of Union Carbide, then the world can take your country seriously.

  33. Coincidence #1 BP CEO sells 1.4 millions POUNDs of his shares in BP one month before oil spill.
    #2 Goldman Sachs sell 44% of their stock in BP in first quarter, but not any of their shares in other oil companies.
    #3 Halliburton purchases oil cleanup corp Boots & Coots just weeks before BP oil spill
    #4 Obama allows offshore drilling for first time in March 2010
    #5 Obama Blocks Louisiana, Foreign Allies from cleaning oil spill
    #6 Obama uses crisis to push Carbon Tax agenda.

  34. @IMADEERFILMS The USA has a 44 Trillion GDP every year. Like we are starting a war for minerals when we have more all around minerals than any country in the world. The Afgan war is just. The Iraq war wasn’t. Afgan is responsible for thousands of americans dying on 9/11. We will make damn sure that country will never hit us again like that.

  35. @TAMPATLBLACK The US doesn’t have the most minerals than any nation. In fact the US depends on China for ‘rare earth’ minerals which are essential for military applications and many electronics.

  36. @aps1007
    Investments in oil? How about a heart? You know how many jobs are in the drilling industry that Obama wanted to shut down? You can’t go ‘green’ over night and destroying more jobs in this economy isn’t the anwser.

  37. @aps1007 you do realize this is Louisiana right? Everyone here has investments in oil, hell my mother has stock in BP. What about all those people who Obama is effectively putting out of work with his moratorium? Couldn’t it be said they have far more invested in oil than that judge? Does that make their need to fight for their jobs evil or something? This whole spill is covered in BS politics and in the end its hurting my state and my neighbors. Live here before you make judgments.

  38. Great video. Now I know many are concerned about jobs, but do you realize that screwing up the environment may have permanent catastrophic effects for generations to come? Some things just can’t be fixed. I too am on the gulf coast and am concerned for jobs, but deep-water drilling should be stopped. Should we pretend this warning never happened? Besides loss of human and animal life, what about the loss of revenue from tourism for those states based on the beaches! Wake up.

  39. @TAMPATLBLACK Neither Afghanistan nor the Taliban were responsible for 9/11, Bin Ladin was just in the country. He’s now thought to be in Pakistan (and they’re trying to work with us to kill terrorist leaders).

  40. @Parkerman13
    What? All I said was that the video was funny and that BP is stupid, and they are because they “forgot” to include safety features that would have prevented all of this shit from happening.

  41. TO MAKE SURE SEAFOOD IS SAFE some SCHMUCK is gonna SMELL them???

    aRE THEY sERIOUS????? “Sniff, sniff, yeah that one’s okay dude. OMFG That’s reliable. I WANT MY FISH GOING THRU A FRIGGIN CATSCAN!

  42. The problem is not if it is funny or not. The problem is that the “ideas” presented here were tried in real. This happens if you give scholarships for high school football or other useless stuff for idiots not capable to react on serious issues

  43. @ARMYSTRENGTHxbl Actually it is, Considering they sped up production in order to make more profits which made them skip safety pro cautions and had caused the explosion and thus making the Gulf of Mexico what it is today.

  44. as someone who lives on and is from the Gulf Coast, I am not offended by this at all. If anything it shows what a bunch of buffoons the people at BP really are.
    So if your offended by this you have no, NO clue.

  45. Common denominator here is, Actors,Bp is simply recasting the head blame “E” from an english prick to an American scape idiot. Love this video, It should be on every tv channel. BP’s elite won’t lose a penny over this spill or a single nights sleep.

  46. @habitat5310 Well, actually it’s a similar method to control. Santa Clause is more similar to God than religion. He is told to children in order to control their morals. He has a similar moral scale to God, the equivilant of the Bible is the list of good and bad. He constantly judges and monitors how well children live up to their morals and there is consequentley a reward or punishment (bag of coal/ gifts) Basically all theists are adults with imaginary friends. The guy is right about that.

  47. Thank your Government for the liability caps BP got. They won’t be paying for much anytime soon. This would’ve never happened if BP would’ve known that they would have to pay for all the damage.

  48. @1peoplefan1 Well it’s not that the comment he made was bad. I was thinking about that an hour ago but the thing that got me is why would you attack someone who has done nothing wrong but state his opinion? Honestly what would happen if i called you an idiot (which you’re not) for no reason because you made a comment. What sense does that make?

  49. @Wizirad2 It’s not really a fight but more of a giant misunderstanding. Like for example I beileve in GOD but that doesn’t mean i should try to convert people and people shouldn’t judge others for what they beileve.

  50. We get the profits and you can suck it up.
    Keep a safe distance from the dead zone.
    A real government would have nationalized BP by now and taken charge of the mess.

  51. We get the profits and you can suck it up.
    Keep a safe distance from the dead zone.
    A real government would have nationalized BP and taken charge of the mess.

  52. @TheArabianLegend do your research most of oil comes from CANADA!!!!!!! Try and see that. We also depend on oil from Africa as well. US Domestic 41% 7.7 mil barrels, Canada 9% 1.8m, Venez 8% 1.5m, Iraq 4% 795k, Saudi 8% 1.6m, Kuwait 1.3% 250k, Norway 1.7% 341k, 1.7% 328k, colombia 1.7% 296k, nigeria 5% 885k, Mexico 7% 1.4m, So you are not the strongest although we import a good amount if your allies then stop harboring terrorist regimes.

  53. @Acewoopin7 Hey stupid its a British Company research dumb@ss or does your Island have the research capability. What woopin you gonna give anyway stranded like gilligans island.

  54. @Idofphoenix
    CS: “Shouldn’t you make sure it’s safe? Like extra, extra sure?”
    BP: “That’s expensive!”
    CS: “Can you afford it?”
    BP: “Yes! OH GOD yes! But we don’t wanna do it. Plus we don’t wanna *look* unsafe.”
    CS: “Yeeeaaaahhhh….YOU’RE IDIOTS!”
    BP: “Whatever.” *bathes in money*

  55. @maxlindsay Yeah, they should have had a black guy standing outside the room doing nothing but reading from a teleprompter and preventing anyone else from entering the room to help cleanup, then the analogy would be complete.

  56. It is really hard for me to find any type of humor in the oil spill, To add insult to injury, to date BP had dumped over one million barrels of Cancer causing toxic dispersants into the Ocean

  57. Bottom line – they said it was safe. It wasn’t.

    They are either liars or incompetent, or both. They took one of the most beautiful places on earth and turned it into the Jersey river.

    And now they are fighting the drilling ban, because they are greedy and at the end of the day, money > anything else.

    The ban should be made permanent. There’s too much at stake to give them second chance to lie to us.

  58. now they need to put a huge propane tank under the table to simulate the fact that a huge bubble of methane has been building at the well base and being covered and hushed by BP and others. This 20 mile wide bubble grows everyday and when it breaks through……..

  59. @arenasification I just took a quick glance at wikipedia. Corexit’s toxicity has not been given reliable scientific proof – One study found it to be equal to or more toxic than other dispersants, another found it to be much less toxic. Both studies were conducted by the EPA. Also, Corexit breaks down much faster than other dispersants, instead of sinking to the sea bed, and so has much less of an effect on marine life. No dispersant is without risks – they made a compromise.


  61. not a single dollar, not a single euro to these fuckers anymore! people of USA don t believe obama’ s theatrics! noone is gonna be put in jail for this disaster. can you tolerate this?

  62. @RabidKlause
    Yes.. so? It happend in front of the American Coastline. You can do nothing and just blame BP, and say that they fix it. Or you do something about it, and start blaming BP after it’s all ok and restored.

  63. Interesting indeed, I would like to view this clip not with BP but our Government creating monds of red tape after red tape to get to more red tape. thanks for posting.

  64. Funny video, but seriosly,
    Why not go rent those Russian MIR deep diving subs and solve the problem. They are pretty much the only answer to this crisis. The only vessel capable of diving that deep and working with heavy machinery to cap the well. Even their Captain said they can do it, but all BP needs to do is ask.

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  66. What about using a small yield Nuke to close the well. Drill a small hole, and detonate the weapon, it will surely cap the well, and seal the radiation.

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    Good work Sio !!!

    Our Words are Weapons,
    Our Ammo, the Truth.


  68. @83ls – The U.S. Naval DSV can dive to 20,000 feet, sufficiently deep enough to reach this well-head. I’m sure its not that easy to just take a submersible down and cap it as it sounds or the U.S. Navy would have offered or used it to do so a long time ago.

  69. @CI0CKER
    No, the US Navy doesn’t have a vehicle capable of diving 20000 ft, at the moment. Its being worked on. Besides it will take more than 1 to fix this problem. Currently there are 4 DSV in the world capable of being under water long enough and deep enough to have a chance. 2 are Russian, 1 Japanese and 1 French. They should all be brought over and see how they can help. Either that, or just drill a hole and detonate a small Nuke near the site.That will certainly stop the leak.

  70. well mudoooooooo , wen he could of just use the hand towel , he used it to draw a plan, this could be depicting that they could of solved the problem long time

  71. its just a small spill on a very large table.. Some fox news rhetoric there. DRILL BABY DRILL!!! We should give big oil more deregulations! Its socialism to regulate big business. This is Obamas fault that socialist basterd! BP you go home now this is President Obama and the American peoples fault they can deal with it.

  72. @igloobtube It´s not BP´s fault, nor “the americans” or the swedes because Carl-Henric Svanberg happend to be swedish. It´s our lifestyle. the sooner people get that in to their heads the better.

  73. @greattimed LMAO are you a fuckin idiot? look around the world? America business has some of the strictest environmental laws out there? Maybe you should go look at china or something? lol this reply lololol

  74. The Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill is an environmental end of day’s bomb if the oil contains substantial iron and the surface water shows an increase in acidity. The acidification of the oceans indicates that the water is capturing atmospheric carbon and produces some carbonic acid. I would imagine that the air interface over a strong carbon sink would even slightly burn the eyes . A elite geologist John Martin stated in a speech “give me a tanker of Iron and I will cause the next ice age”.

  75. This film should include Obama’s federal bureaucrats all wearing green/red ties with “change” hammer and sickle symbols on them trying to tie everybody in the room up with red tape!

  76. Okay I know this is going to sound really stupid what Im about to ask but isnt there a way to filter the water? They already do it anyway, right? Cant they just take the oil out by filtering? I have to admit, I dont know much about whats going on atm but havent they at least tried that? I know some people think its a pointless idea but its better than just LETTING it spread.

  77. Every year all Oil platforms in the world do much more damage to the seas then this 1 little oil leak withhout beeing broken.

    OMG, the other platforms where just lucky the media diddnt inform the world.

  78. @kiamstyle , what? This little oil leak????. Do some research. This is the single most devastating incident since Valdez. Please refrain from commenting when you dont know what you are talking about.

    Epic video.

  79. @ratcliff532 Actually NO this is NOT the largest. So far, to date, the one in Kuwait(over 520 million gallons has been the worst one in history). However at this rate, the Horizon(BP)oil spill currently at 203 million gallons(86 days) will more than likely surpass or come close to surpassing some of the top oil spills in world history. btw, can anyone in here seriously tell me why people resort to name calling?

  80. @SGGS87 Actually the Lakeview Gusher in Kern County California spilled over 378 million gallons from May 1910 thru September 1911. Currently, the BP Horizon spill(86 days) is at 203 million gallons. Like you said, “Do some research”.

  81. @TheGeorgiaboys One of the main reasons that they were allowed by the U.S. Government to drill “in the spot that they did” was because everyone was complaining about gas being almost $5 per gallon a couple years ago. Oil companies are taxed at a lower rate if they drill further off the coast. But it can only be allowed by the Federal Government. If you want to blame Bush for allowing it please feel free to do so. If you want to blame Obama for continuing to allow it please feel free to do so.

  82. @Striker4928 That fact that you think a country can declare war on a Company is priceless… and wait your not only declaring war but you would hold a firing squad for Execs of BP? What you gonna come to London and take the important ones are ya? Or are ya just gonna kill the American ones over your side of pond? Blanket London with oil? haha Retard… Take it you never been to the UK? We don’t all sit around drinking Tea and Crumpets and carry limes around for long journeys you know…

  83. @CptBritish I agree. I’m American, but Striker4928 is kinda stupid. “The U.S. would simply declare an act of war.” Against a company, retard. Not a country. I hope he knows that BP is just headquartered in London. Not to mention the British military fighting U.S. forces that try to blanket London with oil.

  84. @Jermeister screw BP and screw the petroleum industry. there should be a crash lesson in alternative fuels, and it doesn’t make a bit of difference how many greedy selfish rednecks are deprived-there should also be a law against producing hordes of human kids. The world population is out of control and the criminally retarded think the earth will just take care of it but earth is dying under the strain of humanity’s ignorant greed.

  85. @Striker4928 Europeans did conquer Native Americans. The Natives didn’t own the land, because they didn’t believe anyone should own the land, the water or air. But those Europeans sure did, and they took it and are still trying to destroy everything under the sun. Total destruction of an amazing planet. All in the man-made relentless pursuit of profits. Well done chaps! LOL

  86. @robbykhu BP is british, and america is feeling the hurt. its the gd company thats screwing up! so why don’t you shut your mouth about things you obviously don’t understand!

  87. @ robbykhu, bp is a brithish company! america is feeling the hurt and its the company thats causing the problem! so how about you open a book, and grow a brain; but until then, shut your *************************** mouth about things you quite obviously don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. BP = Bull Poop.
    Please pardon my sharp tongue. I call it Sting, after Bilbo’s sword. It turns blue in the presence of orcs. What’s an orc? Just an elf with an ego.

  89. July 10 – CNBC Reports – “Engineers monitoring BP damaged well in the Gulf of Mexico detected seepage on the ocean floor.that could mean problems with the cap that has stopped oil from gushing into the water, the US Government’s top spill official said sunday”


    If you want to stop the leak and the seepage pass this around and get the word out there.

  90. @Striker4928 for fucks sake, i was born in britain, so that makes me british. my parents were from india. is that a hard concept to grasp? there will always be racist people but in our recent general election the far right bnp polled an outstanding 1.87% of the vote. i think america has many more problems than i do. i only attack the u.s. cos when someone shits on you u cry (bp). when you shit on someone else, well u think it’s ok (union carbide) because you’re the U.S. of fucking A

  91. @syzygystar Your example is crap. The Bhopal disaster was caused by a company which was a subsidiary. That means that the majority shareholders are from a US mother company. They have no direct control over the company’s practices. It was the Indian executive director who allowed all the inadequate safety precautions. It was the shitty Indian government’s fault for not having the proper regulations set in place, and not having the proper inspection protocols.

  92. BP, I’m sorry I called you “Bull Poop” in public. I didn’t mean to blame you for the fact that America has not yet outgrown her addiction to a force-based energy such as sludgy, sucky dinosaur feces. I realize you’re just the drug dealer selling us our fix.
    Hey, I have an idea on how you can start getting all the pussy (and dick) you want again.
    Support clean, safe, happy energies like solar. Just say “Yes” to sunlight.
    Come on, T-Rex. Evolve. Just say: “Die? No. Soar!”

  93. The indians are lazy dirty messy people. It is not suprising that one of them would of caused the Bhopal disaster. Too bad they “shut off the gas” so soon. I t would have been nice to wipe out a few more of those Curry smelling rats.

  94. Goldman Sachs sold 40% of their share in BP

    BP sold 1/3 of its own shares.

    Dick Cheany bought an oil spill clean up company for $250 million.

    All of this was a week before the spill. and all of this only a month into American offshore drilling look it up yourselves

    This was a false flag terror to bring in carbon/Eco taxes.

    BP and the US coast guard have been blocking aid from other countries including fleets of oil skimming ships.

  95. @paniuroczy I don’t think it’s as simple as just saying “Yes, we accept your help.” The government thinks about all the diplomatic consequences there are that would be a result and in turn the welfare of the country as a whole. I agree, I think the world we live on should have reign over decisions like these ones, but it’s a much bigger picture to look at in this convoluted world.

  96. If BP wants to stop the oil leak and seepage they need to do the following. I will not submit this update to the bureaucracy of DWH again. And the media is in the same mode. They advise people to pass along ideas to BP. Well, it took a Berkeley Prof. (even though oil is leaking and seeping into seabed) to get a half decent idea to the front of the line. Another professor is needed to get this device and idea to the front of the line. It will work ..

  97. The leak is NOT over. The cap is leaking, there is seepage into the ground from an opening in the well casing. If BP does a sidekill and it fails hey may stop the only chance of ever shutting down that well. . If the seabed breaches the damage that will be done is too horrific to consider.

  98. The Oil Leak is not over. The new cap is leaking and If the BP side-kill fails the seepage in the well casing can compromise the seabed which would be catastrophic. They need to consider my device before they attempt a side-kill for reasons that will be explained …….

  99. The Oil Leak is not over. The new cap is leaking and If the BP side-kill fails the seepage in the well casing can compromise the seabed which would be catastrophic. They need to consider my device before they attempt a side-kill for reasons that will be explained …….

  100. @lapispinoza al megrahi didn’t even do the deed, he was a govt. agent taking ‘the bullet’ for the team to diffuse any strong armed tactics by the usa if its citizens didn’t see justice being done.All done by smoke & mirrors but your averge yank is as bright as a foggy night and can’t see how manipulated they are by their media,politicians and investment banks. Thanks for your comment dude.

  101. Who is to “blame” for the BP oil spill? The only thing to blame is blame itself. It comes from the ring of cold fire, the never ending cycle of blame and shame. This ring was forged by fear, and it’s causing ALL of the world’s problems — war, starvation, environmental crisis, drug crisis, financial crisis, poverty crisis, health crisis — and downright misery. The only way to clean up the oil spill symptom is to remove the tumor by its roots — fear. It will work. We can fix the world.

  102. @robbykhu No good deed goes unnoticed. Thanks for your good deeds.
    The Sacred Equation: 1 + 1 = One.
    Here’s what it means:
    Two languages … One meaning.
    Two political parties … One nation.
    Two nations … One world.
    Two religions … One God.

  103. @frankied00m I actually feel a bit guilty about it myself. I regularly fill my car with fossil fuels. My feelings of guilt made me really angry at BP; I didn’t want to face my own apathy in the face of overwhelming proof that a force-based energy like fossil fuels is bad for everyone, including the children in Iraq who died in our war.

  104. @RjRn9055
    So America should thank Britain for being assholes? I dont see your point. You said America wouldnt have existed if not for Britain. You dont know that 100%. Therefore it is an assumption. American colonists could have easily been French, German, etc. To say what “would have happened” is an assumption.

  105. @SeraphimKnight well you idiot, you better check again, because last time I checked Mexicans for the Majority consisted of decendants of native Americans.. wow you are really an idiot.

  106. What you americans forget is that it is your ridiculous thirst for oil that is the root cause of this mess.

    Stop using such petrol guzzling cars and cut down on your travel. Or better still, lobby the Oil companies and the US Government to stop delaying replacement fuels.

  107. @didacts68 How is it a known fact that Americans fuck everything we touch? Where does this information stem from? Out of the warpness of your retarded brain? And what country are you from asshole? The only known fact is that BP has had more violations than any other oil company operating in the USA so this was bound to happen. You’re a real shit for brains aren’t you?

  108. @RjRn9055 Don’t take this the wrong way, but cancer is too good for you, i spit in your general direction american, i’d love to poke your exposed genitals with a sharpened stick and post your facial expressions on youtube. BP employ americans in amerca and thats why things went tits up….. simples!.Big wallet,Big gun + Small brain,Small penis = american citizen.

  109. @albermarle19 20 years? the oil spill happened around alaska coast in 1986 is still effecting the environment over there today, the oil didn’t go away, it became something solid which is hard to be decomposed around the coast.

  110. This video is only interpreted as offensive because it represents what media studies refer to as a phenomenon called “epic pwnage”

  111. on behalf of the london masonic lodge , we take stride in bp its partnership with the brotherhood is vital . It lies in the american taxpayers hands now , we salute you take one for the team and bp will always be their to suply your needs

  112. @didacts68 lots of brits have tiny brains- and you’re a lying hypocrite. Blair was an exact clone of Bush and lurking behind Bush while he was killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Britain creates 200million extra tonnes of greenhouse gases which it is not declaring and is responsible for at least 15% of greenhouse gases. Britain sends its corporations overseas to pollute and clearcut forests as much as others so I would advise you to look in the mirror before you go on a stupid rant.

  113. @722rockon – may i suggest you cut and paste
    “It happened in Bhopal – 27 Aug 07 – Part 1” – and see what happens when AMERICAN COMPANIES DON’T LIVE UP TO THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES WITH CHEMICAL SPILLS YOU ARROGANT TWAT!

  114. @RjRn9055 learn about something which happened outside of America – yes things do actually happen outside of your small world called the USA- its not just the “Brits” as you so kindly put it .cut and paste this:
    “It happened in Bhopal – 27 Aug 07 – Part 1”

  115. so funny to see how the earth dieing? 55 thousands that seen and liked this – guys what’s wrong with u? Especially peoples from US – a u brainless? U country screw up – humanity on the edge of extinction couse u know what? The blur with help of golfstream will spread out and then will be rains(toxic ones) – many of them. And then agriculture and nature will be destroyed around half of the world. BP lie goes too far – they can’t stop it. And if they can’t no one can.

  116. @VansSkully pastoral farming of livestock is abuse whether you like it or not, both to the livestock involved and the huge plethora of environmental problems it causes.

  117. @Teleia1 who cares for america, when toxins are still polluting drinking water in bhopal, india, courtesy of u.s company union carbide (not forgetting the 25,000 that died) 25yrs after the event. hello!!!!

  118. @didacts68 Americans fuck everything they touch? Do you mean the kids they are helping, and the technology that they are building? What country went to the moon? Not yours. What country won WW II, not yours. American banks are great, you just judge us on what happened on Wallstreet. Really, with the steriotype? You know that most people in America aren’t like that. The fucking BP owners are to blame, which are British. Your commnt proves what an idiot you are.

  119. @Teleia1 i totally am with you. this disaster is a v sad thing to happen on our planet, and it is not just an american problem, because in the long run it’s detrimental to us all. but it fills every pore of my body with rage with the total hypocrisy of america shouting for justice, when they can fuck over 100, 000 people, leave 25,000 dead and just walk away (bhopal). i believe in karma, this is just payback…

  120. @stangsaleens7 That just stung my eyes: “Your saying if i walked over punched you in the face stole all of your personal belongings thats okay? WTF i would want the person heavly punished!” Well, I think it is a good idea… >:) GO NATIONS, GO! Justice 4 u all! Get those US behinds!
    … and so was WWIII created… thank you, YouTubers!

    To the vid:
    Hey everybody! Wanna take a bath in spilled o… coffee? Ooooh, I’d like to have a walk on those o… coffeed sands! Etc., etc….

  121. Screw BP what is with it with these people first it was FEMA not doing anything about Hurricane Katrina. Now BP caused an oil spill and no one not even BP are trying to help.

  122. Bhopal disaster, India 1984, American company Union Carbide = 16,000 dead
    but America not to blame,

    Piper Alpha disaster, North Sea 1988, American company Occidental Petroleum = 167 dead
    but America not to blame

  123. @Teleia1 again, i’m with you. we do live in a totally selfish world, where many people consider themselves first and then others (if they’re feeling generous). i’m not saying i’m perfect, sometimes i’m guilty of this. but i really do believe if everyone showed love and respect to their neighbour so many of the worlds problems would be solved. i don’t know what’s happening to me. i never thought like this, maybe it’s me getting old…

  124. who lives in a pinapple under the sea?!?!? SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS!!!
    who was killed because of oil from bp?!?!? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!!


  126. All college assholes who have never done the work, never, ever did anything past college, are just like this, all workers, all of you who never get thanked, please help me give the stupid dumbfucks the roadmap to fermundo cheese, hungry boys need desert after those hours in the office talking shit, fermundo cheese fermundo my balls.

  127. @vulnerabledonkey One person who stands up for BP and the sanction for their existence: they pay taxes and provide jobs. *facepalm* How about BP is good because they’re fantastic producers of a myriad of indispensable products?

  128. @vulnerabledonkey One person who stands up for BP and the sanction for their existence: they pay taxes and provide jobs. *facepalm* How about BP is good because they’re fantastic producers of a myriad of indispensable products?

  129. @Schnikerdoodle
    BP would still have been held responsible regardless if the CG was in charge of the clean up or not. As far as letting the foriegn vessels in to help with the clean up response, that was all Obama’s fault. It took at least a week for him to get off the golf course and even say anything about the spill. He sat around and said that he was on top of things when he was throwing parties and taking vacation. When 9/11 happened, Bush reacted right away.

  130. @tator79 in regards to bush… when he first got the news he was on camera in a school watching a teacher reading books. when he was informed he got this stupid look across his face, didnt know what to do and then kept sitting for more than 40 mins longer.

  131. People who irresponsibly “drill baby drill” without considering the wreckage to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness … would you say they’re acting from the intelligent, evolutionary power of love? No. They’re acting like a T-Rex and will soon sink into the sludge they made. Like the few dinosaurs that evolved into birds, BP-Rex needs to say Die?No.Soar!

  132. @gtz1100kmf what is gonna be reel funny are the long term affects of the poisonous dispersant cancer, birth defects,bone disease.
    Laugh now ,cry later . We the people of earth are being poised at the very basic level and the worst has yet to surface .The spill is just the cause the effect will be exponential.So enjoy the blissful gift of ignorance today and laugh it away because because yesterdays tomorrow is now

  133. There are two types of films: the crowd-pleasing blockbuster and the intelligent art film. This one have both. Missing this film at Patüly and not getting the film’s point is a crime.

  134. I haven’t watched the movie yet since it has not released in my country yet but it looks very predictable for me. I will watch it now at Patüly. It is good for sure.

  135. the first movie was good and the second got better…now i wonder if they did well enough in this one. I watched all parts at Patüly… Really nice place for it…

  136. @vRidleyv It’s cool my Wii’s Internet doesn’t have that word saved ether ? but I know how to spell Crossant without even thinking because I been a fan of BK’s Breakfast Crossant Sandwiches since I was like 10 thanks again France…..!

  137. @danmarino1970 yeah, karma is taking care of america (though i’m not saying anyone deserved to die). this disaster is part payment for u.s. company union carbide killing 25,000 in bhopal india and 25yrs later toxins are still polluting drinking water and the 500,000+ victims have received no compensation and 7 union carbide employees have received a sentence of 2yrs each….

  138. @tmtoth345 exxon valdez took 10 years to clean up INSUFFICIENTLY…there is still oil up there to this day…trust me, this oil is not cleaned up, bp has spent more money on ads covering the spill up than they have cleaning it up…

  139. @swordfish688 Guys, before you get mad at this guy, just know that he’s a troll. He loves to make people mad about anything and everything. Chill out before you flame on.

  140. @yostar69 pretty harsh for a bloody accident! Do you reckon this is the first stage in some secret British plan to invade the United States? mmm…mwuhaha! lol

    seriously though look into the whole story, its so easy for yous just hate&blame BP, please come back with a reasonable argument and an IQ greater than your shoe size

  141. @superchee2e Not only that, but the fishing industry in the Gulf, where a large majority of the fish in the US comes from, is totally fucked up. Many families are going to lose their businesses because, using the oyster fishermen as an example, it is going to take AT LEAST 3 years for the oyster population to recover, IF it ever fully recovers. Therefore, it is a whole lot bigger than you make it seem.

  142. @SuperOfficerDibble

    Interestingly, BP was originally founded as the “Anglo-Persian Oil Company” by the Shah of Iran in 1909. It later became the “Anglo-Iranian Oil Company”, and then split into “British Petroleum” (BP) and “National Iranian Oil Company” (NIOC) after the 1953 Iranian coup. Now that Americans are starting to take over large portions of BP, it might probably be called something like “British-American Petroleum” (BAP) in the future?

  143. @elfboy676 you make it sound like they have something to gain from letting it happen. i guarantee if you were in that situation you would try to pin the blame on someone else. and if you have been watching the news they have taken full responsibility for it happening.

  144. @stonefly123 i don’t care how many gallons there actually are. there is a lot. this video makes it way too simple. it’s not like these people are just out of highschool. they’re not stupid. and i don’t see anyone else doing anything to come up with a solution. except the people that are actually their in luoisiana helping to clean. everyone complaining saying they are gonna boycott BP is only making it worse. and the only reason they drill in the ocean is because we won’t let them drill on land.

  145. @superchee2e A few hundred millions is nothing if they had come out and said it was their bad. They didn’t. So, not only do they have to pay the money for the clean-up and the money for the people who have their businesses ruined by the spill, they will also lose money from decreased sells. You come out and say that it is your bad because it will lessen the amount you lose in sales.

    And they are an oil company. A few hundred million is nothing. They made $239 billion in revenue last year.

  146. Wow. Clever! However, I just do NOT get the Kevin Costner thing…
    Everything appears sooo well write’n and then…Kevin Costner. It is so random.
    Is there an explanation for this or is it all just random’ly throw’n in?

  147. Worrier893
    What revolution? Are you talking about the United States, we didn’t lose that war, Britain and America , came to their senses and stopped fighting. That doesn’t mean we lost it. We are an old country, we have made many mistakes, we don’t hide behind the past, and we do have a lot to be proud of.

  148. @MrJDazz1230 Kevin Costner offered to help BP with his system for removing oil from the water. He actually contacted them. But I don’t know what became of it. They probably dismissed his invention because it actually collects oil by separating it from the water. They prefer to use dispersant to make the oil disappear rather than collect it.

  149. This is just showing how foolish BP is. This is a mini version of the gulf. Fish, Louisiana. Little spill on a big table gets bigger. Plugging the spill with trash. Observing for way too long. And blaming others for their own fails.

  150. @heromiles Haliburton is the largest privately owned company in the world. They make everything for infrstructure like pipes, wires, concrete, and steel. It’s owned by Dick Cheney, he made billions by rebuilding Iraq after we blew it up.

  151. if someone will examine this tragic occurrence as the fault of mankind like i do(or if some stupid idiots feel better by saying by a part of human race), it’s absolutely unacceptable to produce a video like this. What’s the benefit, the goal to reach with this peace of shit? making a joke at the expense of the rape of nature is like kicking yourself in your nuts. i have no problem with satire for sure not, but this is no satire because there is no deeper meaning behind it it is just crude.

  152. Simple way to deal with it is to pour some powdered milk into the coffee to break it up, then fine BP only for the coffee that was spilled,I
    From the video it is clear that less than 1/10 a tea-spoon of coffee was sucked up, thus we can extrapolate that the spill is no more than 1/2 a teaspoon.
    Fine them two pennies, 1/2 teaspoons will dry up in a day.. the table should consider itself lucky it wasn’t worse.
    Then everything can get back to normal with BP & Haliburton the coffee machine again.

  153. @Sammygirll oops, some words were accidentally deleted from previous comment due to bureaucratic errors. Unfortunately the department for correcting errors was closed when the department for reducing errors accidentally put it and itself, on a lost of bureaus to be closed in efforts to reduce amount of bureaucratic errors bureaus were making.
    However the department for missing words suggested missing words might be among the following;
    ‘of, effervescent, probably, using, at, penguin, the’.

  154. @tarheel7890 They have been saying that the oil is gone. They could do a part 2, where there is a hole in the table and the rest of the oil is hiding under the Table, LOL!!

  155. Thinking that in reality things were pretty much like that just gives me the chills. This is a great paradigm of human incapability, negligence and carelessness. How can anyone trust this people anymore?

  156. Seriously, this is the dumbest thing about the BP oil spill I’ve seen, and I live on the Gulf Coast. But also, it greatly depicts how us on the Coast see the people at BP. We all pretty much imagine they are EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Haha.

  157. @NOVAtheRetard I really dobt that they would of really refused to fix it if they knew a whole oil rig that could drill up so much oil was going to expload and then the whole oil leak thing would happen. consider how you read you source, they may have refused to fix it thinking that something else would happen, otherwise they would know they would get more money out of the oil they drilled out of the rig and the money they saved on repair costs if the oil leak not to mention the bad reputation.

  158. @hjpro153 You’d have to be an idiot to blame this on the british community. BP is shared by both American and british stock owners. if anyone actually says “this is all the UK’s fault” they are most likely saying it in a joking manner. I’ve yet to come across one person who thinks britain is entirely responsible for this disaster, and if you ever do just ignore it.

  159. @xXxUniversexXx I know anyone who blames us is an idiot, but unlike you I have seen many people blaming us for it, so I’m trying to make everyone realise that its not our fault.

    as for BP, it is a brittish company, but I think the american government charges a certain % of the profits for having its oil rigs there.

  160. @MrSombrero100 lol no of course not, I was just proving a point to a person of the UK who apparently thinks everyone is blaming britain for this. I told him that trying to convince these types of people would be like trying to convince idiotic racists that not all different races have a stereotypical Muslim, African American, etc..

  161. I think that everyone on here sucks, yeah sucks oil from a BIG BP DICK because you all more than likely drive an automobile and have contributed to most oil spills in one way or another. So give yourself a big pat on the back for being on earth, THE HOME OF THE HYPOCRITE’S!!!

  162. @Zaq425 Drive a polluting machine? No thanks. I mean I don’t know what the future really holds for people but I fear for this world sometimes. I hope it doesn’t involve drowning in are own crap? : (

  163. “HURRY UP, i THINK THE PUBLIC IS GETTING SUSPICIOUS”, “NOW THERE’S JUST COFFEE AND GARBAGE”, “WE JUST WAISTED THREE HOURS!!!” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! “KEVIN COSTNER WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!”.. NICE ENDING BTW.. LMAO STILL!!!!!.. GREAT VIDEO.. more messed up is national geographic putting out a show called, ” The world without oil”.. LMAO, again.. You need it and will like it, whatever happens.. BP doesn’t care.. the government will take care of it for them.. …

  164. @BlahbahStudios : What difference does it make where the spill occured?? It did and wherever on Earth it did, it is a terrible thing! Sometimes I wish the oil would just run out to see where the efforts are placed then by these so called Governments of the People (jokers)

  165. @ENDOTHERMIC1 The point i was trying to make in my comment is that if we voted for republican then it could have gone anywhere or never have happened or have been done by a different company.

  166. one of the most poorly managed disasters in the history of the world. No progress, no certainity, one mistake after another.. this just cannot be tolerated anymore. I think US should just take care of this themselves and make BP go bankrupt. BP cannot handle this period.

  167. @CopyRezo36 : I am not a fan of our government, but I do love this country and what it stands for.
    Our nation’s checks and balances are bs and our citizens don’t give a damn as long as they can drive their escalades and it isn’t their own children dying for another country’s “freedom”.

  168. @diersmorrows There is a difference between being critical of your government (and mind you, I am not what you would consider a patriot) and wallowing in self-hatred because you believe you can’t make a difference. It starts with one person.

  169. @ENDOTHERMIC1 I know how to read but reading your mindless drivel makes me regret it sometimes. Go back to whatever insignificant country you crawled out of. Your childish retorts are getting boring.

  170. @krispysback
    Excuse me, but do you have anything constructive to say? Because it’s really easy to point fingers at this stage of the game. If you have anything useful to add, be sure to let us know. Otherwise, go troll on some other website.

  171. @krispysback well the thing is that driving a car that runs on oil is the most affordable option. i think most americans would rather have their tax money go towards designing cheap, efficient electric cars than funding oil drilling

  172. @krispysback
    See, that’s not constructive. That’s accusatory, as well as a broad-sweeping generalization based on hear-say, meant do to nothing more than incite others to respond to you (positively or negatively). You’re not doing much to help your argument with statements like that.
    Might I suggest a class in persuasive speaking, or rather typing in this case.

    Okay, so basically you don’t know

    See, I didn’t ask because I myself didn’t know. I asked because your claim made no sense and lacked any kind of backing. Although, I shouldn’t be surprised by your defiant ignorance considering the fact that this is youtube.
    However, with all of your spelling and grammatical errors, even colloquially, you’re hardly qualified to teach an elementary school student a lesson. And I damn sure wouldn’t pay for one. I do appreciate the offer though.


  175. @DCUnit811 Actually, BP hasn’t been called British Petroleum for many years now, mainly because at least half the management are Americans. Therefore, it is an American mess as much as a British mess, caused by cost-cutting on a massive scale at all levels and a pervasive attitude of cheap is best at management level. The same couldn’t care less attitude that caused the global recession.

  176. @AntmILoveYou
    You’re right… if the ‘lmao’ wasn’t an obvious sign of a joke, I don’t know what is

    Some people on here are not only just ‘STUPID’, but so socially retarded from lack of real world friends that they can’t even tell when someone is being ironic…

    dumbass lmao (incase you didn’t get the context of this lmao, thats me laughing at your studpidity)

  177. Jaasgjffjgeyasfheagbsagsafjsgjsfgwnhdjtyaajawhhsbsbwgaemakarkehehqgqcabzbejhwjwhajsbshehekekaka wvwhejjwjsbsndjdmknejfuckwjwhwjabwbwfuckjsjsnsnsnabahabababavafuck jwhabababababbabfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck BP

  178. @Coopenator No that is true and I don’t know how anyone could not agree or at least ? what they are doing when looking at the big picture. The world to me is a diaper at this rate so I’m just gonna let someone else change it because I believe the greatest thing you could do in this world is nothing at all.

    Apparently you suck at reading comprehension as well as spelling and grammar… Maybe that’s why you do nothing but post a bunch of nonsense and then can’t understand a thing someone else writes. Either that or you’re just trolling. I’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you’re being an idiot on purpose.

  180. Haha. Halarious video. Help us figure out is the video is real or fake Search YouTube for “awkward stand up” user name beautiful day monster, worst comedian ever.

  181. i just got my first BP t shirt and sent it back after the print come out in the washing machine and stained all my other clothes and when i ask for a replacement they spilt the ink over it

  182. @Joker80808 BP makes those who attack Chuck Norris in hand to hand look smart. Oh,s***, Im sorry sir, it was a joke! No don- (skull cracking on contact with boot) *CRACK* *Zombie virus* Chaaaarrrllleeessstooonnn Chhheewwwww……

  183. WEEEAAALLLL OBVIUUUSLY we have an oil spill in the gulf, its messin up yo city killin up yo food so hide da ocean hide ya food and hide ya city cause dey spillin errthing out hea

  184. the amount of destruction the oil industry does around the world is horrible but most people dont bat an eyelid till it effects Westerners. Can anyone tell me that this is anything but racism?

  185. Why doesn’t any of the BP Youtube videos allow comments? Are they trying to hide what the public really thinks about them? What about the oil particles under the surface that’s sure to enter our food chain? What about the cancer it causes?

  186. @dima9944 Definition of race from oxford english dictionary
    “1. a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group:
    2. a group or set of people or things with a common feature or features:
    3.a group of people descended from a common ancestor:

    So now you understand the word race would you like another go?

  187. @andlookmore Can you shut up with the whole racism thing? You’re commenting on a video which is a PARODY of the BP Oil Spill. The makers of this video have absolutely NOTHING to do with the spill itself. Just enjoy the video or GTFO the internet.

  188. @andlookmore it’s not racism. it’s just that everything outside the u.s. doesn’t count for f.a. look at u.s. company union carbide in india 25 yrs ago. 25,000 dead, 500,000 affected and drinking water is still being polluted. compensation (other than the insurance money) $0. and 17 yrs after the event, 7 employees were fined $2000 each. the reality is far worse, there isn’t space here. wiki it if interested. american justice….

  189. Haha, great job. Worth watching twice in a row. LIKE THIS IF YOU AGREE WITH ME (don’t you fucking touch the like button). < Is this some sort of trend now? That and Justin Bieber, wtf...

  190. @MrThatsrightbaby
    You mean the stupid Americans that invented the internet?

    You mean the stupid Americans that invented the software that made computer useage widespread?

    You mean the stupid Americans that launched most of the satellites that make this all possible?

    You mean the stupid Americans that are responsible for most of Europe not goose-stepping to a Nazi cadence?

    Those stupid Americans?

    The rest of you spoiled turds should be so stupid.

  191. @jwells3960

    You will find most world historian credit the Soviets (Russians) with defeating Nazi Germany. Its just nice to get the historical spin out of the way, the US was very late for both Word War 1 & 2 – waiting maybe to see which way things will fall?

  192. @eagle0468 I didn’t say that so stop making pathetic excuses for our species. I never said we should get rid of each other, but if we did all die in some apocalyptic event, most of us, if not all of us would deserve it.

  193. Not as funny as angry Obama going for a swim in the gulf to prove it’s safe to go back in the water. Anybody else think the most powerful puppet in the world had 1 of his strings pulled?. Anyway he probably came out covered in oil but you can’t tell maybe next time use a white guy lol. I bet it was a fat homer simpson transocean guy who fucked up anyway, surfing porn whilst thinking the pressure gauge flashing red meant it’s time for another burger.

  194. @didacts68 That sounded racist but not intentionally. Anyway, I agree with you. Is the president really in charge anymore, or his he just a puppet for the super corporations and big-time lobbyists?

  195. Funny video. It shows how this was handled with the oil spill. I had to watch this more than once. This is featured on my hub about coffee with your video too.
    ‘Gourmet Coffee and Gift Mugs’ on Hubpages.

  196. It’s funny how this joke goes right over peoples heads. It’s about that massive oil spill we had and Bp was imcharge of cleaning it up but they were too retarded to do so till 1000000 (exaggeration) days later just to fill you guys in if you didn’t already know

  197. This video TOTALLY connects to the spillage of the oil. We can send a man to the moon, create the Hubble telescope, and find cures for diseases, but we can’t clean a lousy spill in the first place? LAME

  198. @BPauxNavy LOL yea… especially in Jalta, you Americans really did your best to perfectly fit your American greatness into Stalin’s intestine tract, up to the appendix, “with pleasure, Sir!”…

    Now you’re responsible for yet another World crisis, and yet again your slimy mouths turn into a bunch bottomless wells of great sadness, emotions, everything just to cover the actual damage you did. Just like a kid who just broke a vase and tries to sweep it under the carpet…

  199. Good humour. The asinine comments are just too funny as well. Blowing on about ownership. Just get in and stop the spill – that’s the ticket. At the same time collect the spilled oil and stop it from spreading. Instead, BP just talked, talked and did nothing – oh that’s right, the CEO went sailing and wanted his life back (not caring that the families of the DEAD workers really wanted those lives back). Every other well with the same mechanisms and prosesses should be risk assessed.

  200. @HelenC1ark what’s your point? You know the funny thing about internet comments is that you can’t detect when one is being sarcastic… so for all I know, you’re just some idiot who really doesn’t know where London is.

  201. @neumann81: now we’re getting somewhere. I’m blaming the Americans, just as I would’ve blamed the Polish for not getting involved, if the spill happened at the Baltic Sea, and the guilty was a Polish corporation. Generally speaking, as a nation, the Americans have the most powerful tools to change the whole world, and they rarely use it, mostly when it comes to their own backyard… while letting their politicians to influence the rest of the world freely, “coz that’s not my circus, not my apes”

  202. We need to stage a coffee spill to rationalise taxing the coffee industry to death. That way the coffeeless employees will be desperate and grumpy enough to accept our new international drink administration. We also need people to see how evil coffee is and how it’s emitting harmful steam that will destroy our health, we need to justify our steam emissions price increase.

  203. @KJPDude So you think the deaths of 6 million Jews and 5 million others is funny? You’re an embecile. It’s people like you who are slowly destroying mankind. Shame on you, sir, for thinking this is funny. This is not “funny.” This is institutionalized evil at its finest. I’ll pray for you and your horrifically misguided sense of humor.

  204. BP is a greedy and evil Corporation. They force people to harm the earth, and then keep all the oil to themselves in huge containers. Innocent drivers use just a few sips of fuel to get to work. BP should be put out of business, coz there are other oil companies, so what would be the harm, anyway?

  205. @obviousahole let me guess your from the north? Let me tell you something this is fucking terrible for the economy of Louisiana and Mississippi and plus all the fish and crabs most likely contaminated with oil so how in the fuck are we suppose to get fish and what not? Think about other people before you post.

  206. don’t worry your little heads you yanks. spill is stopped, the 40% of americans that own bp stock will be getting their dividends again and you can still eat your mcdonalds/kfc/pizza hut. yay!

  207. While I agree that BP needs to clean up and all, I can’t see why everyone insists on boycotting them and saying that they hope BP never earns any money again. BP can’t clean up without money.

  208. Comedy intended to be untruthful makes the humor vulgar. What’s not hilarious is the intermingled environmentalism sprawled on the marker-board; It’s unquestionably propagandist and is harming to legitimate ecology.

  209. @betover68 ROFL, you sir, are fucking autistic. go die, you dirty fuck. BP deserves NO sympathy for destroying businesses and wildlife… i dont even see why you think that would be considered a good thing to start with…
    so your gay, im done with you, respond if you wish.

  210. ego, greed divide and do not include, and are evil. Just like capitalism/communism (rich & poor) which power is in the hands of the few, with inequality in status as a accepted norm.
    Intelligence includes all, and is good, just like Freedom, The Bill Of Rights, which are a socialistic idea that the capitalists/communists don’t want people to have.
    Restore the REPUBLIC

  211. Brits are smart but once something happens their fucked they have absolutely 0% problem solving skills we Americans are average smart wise but were great at solving problems

  212. People know how to vote for what they believe is right. According to Hobbes “[for] such is the nature of men, that howsoever they may acknowledge many others to be more witty, or more eloquent, or more learned; yet they will hardly believe there be many so wise as themselves” (Leviathan, Chapter XIII). Political society allows men to co-exist, but government offers (protection of property, an institution where laws are written, rather then unwritten and existing only in the minds of men.

  213. @Monitor0347
    Thanks for vocabulary lesson professor. One man says people can “do this”, results tell a different story. A majority of people will vote for what is best for them as individuals not as a collective. Like when people tried to take the freedom of speech rights of muslims by not allowing them to build their mosque. The gov’t is here to hold you back and to keep you in line. By yourselves you are uncivilized even with your bibles. This goes for the “majority”, not all.

  214. @Monitor0347 – Lol, Calvin and Hobbes. Love the reference, and the mental image. Intelligence IS becoming a endangered trait – our culture is being intentionally dumbed down, that shows up in our RNA, and it is passed down. It’s scary, but it is necessary for the principals outlined in George Orwells 1984 to come true.

  215. @rspkingdude – Our children are being intentional dumbed down, especially American children. Google “The Dumbing down of America” and do some research on the yea or nay. Always good to be informed.

  216. @MegaFlyingPilot – Oil is a resource of the earth, and as citizens of the earth, we are the ones who truly own it, NOT corporations, yet we put up with the system in place. We are all sheep, even those of us fighting the system, because until we’ve woken up the people who don’t or refuse to see the truth, we are culpable. What we really need is a world wide revolution to oust those who are using the masses and the worlds resources for their own gain, to the detriment of everyone else.

  217. @RQBBAN – Asides from the crusades, Christmas originally came from the catholic church melding with pagan rites because they were losing parishioners and they believed they’d get more members from pagans if they used their rituals, rites, and festivals. Google it, and educate yourself. Knowledge is strength, action is power. 😀

  218. I think this is a major representation of the oil spill. Way to go BP for F-ing up the ocean and killin’ da fish! Oh, and way to go for not knowing how to solve the problem.

  219. @JHandcock1111

    -.-‘ sigh…

    So, christmas more connected to paganism than to christianity? That’s like saying that modern Canada is more connected to native Americans from 16th – 17th century than it is related to Canadians or even Europeans.

    Anyways, in this particular discussion, the origin of christmas is irrelevant, what is relevant is that most people connect christmas with christianity.

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  221. @JHandcock1111

    You explained the origin of christmas, in what other way did that have anything to do with the discussion?

    You’re just trolling around ain’t ya 😛

  222. ….Slow people…. (facepalm) …. Quote – RQBBAN: “So, christmas more connected to paganism than to christianity?” end quote, once again, last time, not what i said and not what I was replying to, go read the original comment (thats what it has to do with the discussion, btw.) if you still don’t get it. If you still don’t comprehend after you carefully examine my and the o.p’s comments, I can’t help you further, and I suggest you go ask a teacher or your mom. ….Or are you the troll?

  223. @tkwtg No argument there. Art is not my forte. Like piano … I have stupid fingers, and in art its more of a case of stupid hands. I couldn’t dry for the life of me. It would take me 3-4 times longer to learn to draw even a third of what some of the artists that create these comic strips, and even the art work of early publications. It’s truly remarkable to see man doing what he does best. Create.

  224. I love BP ! the BP oil spill has brought joy and happiness into my old body. For the first time in 180 years i actually burst into laughter! — “The God Father”

  225. @MetalSwitch95 Actually, nowadays BP is basically American except from in name and where the main hq is. BP America would have been the ones dealing with the spill.

  226. This video show the environemntal stress that results from spilled coffee… the more the table is emitting a lower vibration or frequency the more the people sitting around it will never come into harmony for a more peaceful and happy life.. end.

  227. @calmeiris well, Im dorry, but I thought it was very funny. Even though the economy is going down, me and all of my friends love it! I guess when you are 13 you don’t see the effect as much………Im sorry,

  228. I saw this movie today and I loved it! It was kinda confusing but really interesting concept and they pulled it off really well. 9/10. You can find it on kookíca ti see it.

  229. @cupadllc Yes, as janitors that stand in the background mumbling someone should fire all these executives, and then realize they really don’t want to do anything about it and wait for further instructions from these executives..

  230. The CEO should of said Ken Feinberg on the phone. lol that would have been more accurate. But I suppose Kevin Costner will have to do. 🙂 By the way, who agrees with that this video is hysterical!?

  231. @buymycd The reason free markets exist is that there is an establishment of free property, which is enforced and protected by the government. Without the existence of property, man has no incentive to create and imagine in order to reap the benefits of such inventions. Without this incentive, there is no technology. And without the existence of property, well, there is no wealth to speak of. Basic economics.

  232. @pureownshard I totally agree, maybe however we disagree as to the meaning of “government.” If you take an honest look at history you will find the less central planning there is, the more prosperity. I even wonder if anarchy is a myth espoused by lovers of big government, those types who have distorted the greatest example of autocratic rule, the American Old West.

  233. Screw you BP full responsibility my ass, dumping millions of gallons of highly toxic dispersants into the sea just to hide what you did, now that we have a mix of finely dispersed oil particles and sea water circulating around the globe everyone is threatened. But this is all according to the big plan isnt it? Keep up the lies, people will eventually catch on to you.

  234. If we don’t recognize the institutions that constrain people’s behavior — if we don’t address that level of decision-making, or we attack individuals — instead of saying it’s the institutional framework that must be changed, all we do is allocate the blame. We neglect the realities of how business (mafia) is done.
    END capitalism/communism, end foreign banksters, end corporations.
    Only and educated and informative evaluation, comes to a conclusion of slavery.