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Marble Man Loves Marbles


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  1. Why do people actually say he have no life? For all we know he could wake up at 6-7am and play for 8 hours (not consecutive) and still do something with his wife the rest of the day.

    And this is not even remotely close to a bad addiction compared to a loooooot of other ones.

  2. @dubey666manu It’s a bit different though, in WoW I guess you talk to other people and have constant changing things to do, with marbles they generally just roll

  3. 1. if he enjoys it let him be. we’re all different
    2. his wife must be one LONELY woman. she’s that lonely girl justin bieber’s been singing about LMAO.

  4. lol lol lol lol lol lmfao!!!!!!!!! his wife sounds so sad… i’m sorry but it’s funny. and as for the guy i find him adorable even though he’s 72 he still has his inner child and he looks healthy so…….. but lol he wife looks like she’s thinking, “he doesn’t even tap this ass no mo” lol lol instead of complaining she should as least try and cope with him.

    and the marble alley looks so cool like people racing!

  5. I Knew a Girl that had a Marble addiction,well thats what she called it,I call it a Balls on the Chin addiction,But Im not Complaning!,……You say Marbles,I say Just Balls,….Potato,. potata,..

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm evrybdy CUM chek me out ahahahahaaa

  7. This may be more than an obsession. It sounds more like mild autism. Id so, he can’t help what he does. You can see the pain in his wife’s eyes, how much she has sacrificed for him. She really loves him.

  8. He would make a very good scientist or lab assistant, since he’s interested in probability and statistics. Whoever said that was mild autism is dumb, I think it’s interesting how he keeps track so well and records each place they hold, he just needs to do his thing with his “marbles” on a large scale who knows he might use “pins” next time but he appears to be smarter than any of the boneheads that clicked to watch.

    What is he doing in Belgia?

  9. @BombTriniGlam Yeah this man is very interesting. I don’t know why we always look in the negatives in one another instead of understanding and maybe making a new friend. I guess some people stare solely on negatives to feel better about themselves. Hmph.

  10. so you mean this guy, Since He was 12, Never stopped playing Marbles, No Freinds, No Girlfreinds, No Spending time With his Family, No JOB, NO GIRLFREIND AND HE IS 72 YEARS OLD!? NO KINDA CONFRONTATION OF WHATSOEVER!???

  11. doesnt it look like the blue marble on 1:03 is going upwards?? logic?? haha but yeah, i kinda feel sorry for the wife, looks like she’s happy just seeing he’s happy..what love could do these days.. .

  12. I don’t mean t laugh but this is humbly one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while. Imagine if this guy knew what World of Warcraft was, he’d probably jizz himself on sight. To be honest it is, in a way a somber thing to watch. 2:20

  13. The world would be a better place if all people could find true happiness in something so simple. I truly envy this man that he can be completely satisfied with simply marbles.

  14. Its insane how something like this can make a man happy, but then again video games and playing paintball does to me and to others it stupid and lame and such, but this man seems much much more happier than anyone I’ve seen!

  15. how could she even marry this guy…I mean wasn’t his marble addiction always obvious…I mean if he was so obsessed with it…how could he function on a first date with this woman…I mean did he bring his marbles with him when they got married? He’s very obsessive.

  16. This video has really really really beautiful message and for this reason only I faved it. Also I like how the Dutch language sounds here – wonderful calming mixture of English and Deutsch… I want to learn it someday if I have the possibility. =]

  17. This guy is compulsive to the max! At least he found something he enjoys and is passionate about! I really like the wife’s reaction to his obsession though… priceless!


  18. This is one of those rare videos that make me sad and happy at the same moment. Happy because some people still can find joy and endless satisfaction in the simplest of things. And sad because most of us can’t – including the closest of those lucky few…

  19. that must be what a drowning victim’s eyes would look like right at the moment of death – that one final moment of blackness and hopelessness where you accept your fate, surrounded by that endlessness. it engulfs you, then there’s despair, the infringing inevitability of death looming, waiting, callously…and the years stretch into decades, like a funeral on a summers day… and it’s just… just those fucking marbles! those insignificant little balls of glass and dye!

  20. i’m a woman damn it! a woman of flesh and blood and fire and passion! but i did not fight, i surrendered, and i let them take you from me, let them rob me of your touch… and i can’t help but think that you’ve spent more time with them over the years than me, touched them more… all because you have asperger’s. i guess that’s why i fucked the mailman so much…

  21. da is nu is echt triestig.. die man heeft waarschijnlijk nix van zijn leven gemaakt :s.. maarjah, als em zo gelukkig is, wens ik hem nog veel plezier met felix de vedet !

  22. @T3canolis I think it is really sad that he will play with marbles over doing anything else in his life. His poor wife (or is that his sister)

    It is good to have a hobby, but everything needs balance.

  23. @T3canolis I think it is really sad that he will play with marbles over doing anything else in his life. His poor wife (or is that his mom)

    It is good to have a hobby, but everything needs balance.

  24. @T3canolis @T3canolis I think it is really sad that he will play with marbles over doing anything else in his life. His poor wife (or is that his mom)

    It is good to have a hobby, but everything needs balance.

  25. I reckon this man has autism, his in his own world and he greatly devotes his life to marbles. I have autism to and it is incredibly hard to get me to pay attention to anything other than miniclip.

  26. @T3canolis Yes it is nice someone is so satisfied with something so simple but if you are on holidays and you miss your marbles so much you wanna go home to check on them.. I dunno that just seems like an addiction to me, which is not so cool.

  27. @deathbecomesu187
    He hasn’t lost any of his marbles. He keeps tabs on them. He most probably gives them little names and personalities, and has a database containing information and mugshots of his marbles so that if one should go missing he can easily locate and retrieve it.

  28. It’s admirable that he does what he truly loves without trying to impress anyone else. On the flipside, I bet his wife has put up with a lot, and she is a saint for accepting his hobby for what it is.

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